Which is the Top 10 Dance School in India and WHY ?

What should you look at before considering a school amongst top Dance School in India? 

  • Is it the name or size of the institute?
  • Knowing the fact that most celebrity can endorse anything for money, would you consider the school best because celebrities are endorsing the institute in electronic media and print media?
  • Should we consider it is good only because it’s run by a famous personality
  • Is it because the institute claims that they are the best?
  • Is it because you have seen lot of their advertisements?
  • Is it because everyone says it’s good, so you want to join them too?

Here is what you need to know …..

Well, Do you think the most accurate is the Students feedback that have experienced the service of a school and has comes out with a positive feedback. If your answer is “YES”, I would say here’s the catch.

Don’t you think it is like, someone who has never tasted sugar in his life comes out with a carrot in his hand and claims carrot to be the sweetest thing on earth?

Umm, Tough.

So how do I tell which are Top 10 Dance School in India and why?

Let me give you a hint, How about you making you your own top 10 lists? Instead of you following someone else.

You can follow steps below and make you own top 10 lists, and join the dance school you think is the best.

  1. List out institutes in a chart which you think you can visit personally, skip the others.
  2. Call them and fix up an appointment.
  3. Visit them personally and check out if they have all the facilities you are looking for. My recent blog on this may help How to select the right dance school?
  4. Talk to their existing students to see if they got what they were expecting after joining the dance school.
  5. Don’t rush to join if they say you are the luck winner and you get 50% discount if you register today. (Beware of all Marketing gimmicks)
  6. Visit all the institute that you had in your lists and go back home, relax and breathe normal.
  7. Ask yourselft which institute was the best you visited and you will get an answer.

Never go by what people say is the best or what advertisements claims to be the best.


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