What’s the Difference Between Special Effects & Visual Effects?

Earlier filmmakers used to lack access and it was a big obstacle to create certain shots, but due to advancement in special effects and visual effects had made possible for them to create the best and effective scenes. Film and entertainment industry is the pioneer in the design and development in special and visual effects of modern technology. To make films, shows, cinemas better and popular special and visual effects are being applied.

Allie Townsend said very beautiful lines “From early animation to the most sophisticated of computer-generated images, TIME takes a look at Hollywood’s long affair with screen trickery.”

Special effects, i.e. SFX are basically done with the mechanical and optical effects, i.e. using camera, artists and props. Special effects are carried out physically and practically in pre production, whereas visual effects are done through computer in post production. Visual effects, i.e. VFX are carried out with the help computer graphics to create environments which seem like realistic. Visual effects are associated with the digital photography.

Special effects mostly make use of makeup artists and that’s too special makeup artist, they work on prop, prosthetic makeup in a unique way. Visual effects include CGI (Computer-Generated Imagery), animations in the movies. Since visual effect is done after pre production the producers and filmmakers have to take care of the budget of the film. So the budget may sometimes limit to create the visual effect to keep the film at a projected cost.

Mostly the producers avoid CGI or animations because the visual effects make use of the computer graphics and are impossible to do on screen with the artists so they prefer Special effects, but Visual effects can be easily controlled and managed as it is managed by technicians. Special effects can also controlled and handled, but not at that extent.

One good thing about visual effects, it is being enjoyed by the kids in cartoon network, pogo etc. Visual effects explain the facts with a different approach of the program in an animated and better way that children love to watch them. In special effect, it directly connects with the audience since artists are involved.

For many small and medium industries, visual effects are carried out in the movie because of cheaper technology and proven results. Live visual effects are also created in front of the audience during the concerts and the sports events.

Since the effects are both eye catching and outstanding. This effect has converted visions, i.e. imaginary ideas and invisible views into reality and projected well on the screens wherein those movies and shows are the blockbuster hit. Special effect and Visuals effects are cinematic portrayals in film and entertainment industry. This both effects are the life of filmmaking. We can even say, these both have been leading factor to give the reliable and quality solution to the film industry. These effects are technically sound which gives satisfactory results and even believed for quality service.

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