What is voice dubbing?

Dubbing is one of the re-recording processes of film making and is done in post production. Basically dubbing is done for the viewers that they can see any movie in their language. Many movies are dubbed in all the languages which not only increase the box office amount, but also make the movie a blockbuster hit.

Dubbing is a very unique idea which has been evolved and has made easier for the viewers to connect with the film. Dubbing is used normally everywhere in film industry such as commercials, film, cartoons, animated movies etc.

Every word or every single sentence is to be matched with the original line of the script, it should not happen that the script says something else and dubbed script is something different, if it is not matched, it doesn’t make any sense of making so much effort made is worthless. It needs a clear idea behind that particular shot before dubbing in order the emotions as well as the meaning of the film doesn’t change.

Dubbing can be done in following ways.

  1. ADR:

Automated Dialogue Replacement is the full form of ADR, name itself speaks the meaning of it, and it means that the recorded dialogue is being replaced by the new voice which suits to the character which is generally used to replace the original lines of the movie without changing the meaning. It is done so perfectly that if the other version of the movie is not seen one could not be able to identify that “this is dubbed version of the original”. In UK, it is named as “post-synchronization” or “post-sync” whereas in India it is simply called as “Dubbing”. For animated cartoons, ADR and CGI technology, both are used simultaneously.

  1. Rhythm band:

It is also termed as “lip-sync band”, this trend was started in Canada and France. This method is better than the ADR because it provides clear procedures and steps to follow the dubbing method.

  1. Video Rewrite:

Since, there was limitation with the above method, so this method was innovated from the above techniques and was developed for the dubbing process which uses computer animation. So with this application it has made easier to dub the voice.

Dubbing is mostly used in cartoons, animated movies etc to ensure the movies to reach at the high point. This technique is not only used in India, but also is used in throughout the world to increase the productivity of the film and shows. The sound technician is also responsible for operations and maintenance of the Dubbing process because he is one who mixes the voice with the video i.e. films. etc The purpose of this Dubbing have evolved due to the extensive growth in the film industry and is done on the principal terms and conditions which has been laid down in order to avoid further disturbance.

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