What is Photography?

Everybody nowadays is fond of photography. And suppose, if we land up in any corner of the world and ask a question “what is photography?”

Everyone will have their own answer. Correct!!! Because photography has become a trend, is followed by everyone and people are crazy behind photography.

Photography is the art of capturing the images of light or electromagnetic radiation, i.e., mostly through a photographic film. Though the photographer captures the images by one click through the camera, but how to capture? It’s definitely an art, and it comes only through the practice.

“Photography” is a Greek word which means drawing with the light. Photography is not only to capture the real images, but sometime needs to produce with an art.

It is being said “Photography and painting are the same”, very true because they click or create the images, depending upon their imagination.

Nowadays, we have so advanced techniques to capture the images, but photography has a long history. Just because of the innovation in the field of photography people are now familiar with digital photography. It started quite long back, but the film roll was generated and marketed in 1885. Earlier black- white photographs were captured by the professionals but it didn’t stop here. The color photograph replaced the black white.

We enjoy color photography just because of “Mr. Maxwell”. In his mind the idea of color photography stroked and many other people after him worked on it and made it successful. Later on digital photography and Synthesis photography came into existence. Digital photography is done through the cameras, whereas Synthesis photography is computer generated images. So just think from 1885 to till date where the photography is?

In late 19the century studios came up with a camera which used a tripod stand to click the pictures and then many more such as Compact Kodak, Digital camera, digital SLR etc.

But in early day color photographs were too costly than black white. So the black-white dominated over it and maintained its prominence. But in today’s generation, black and white has disappeared and color photographs are easily available at a cheaper rate and also instant photographs are available with no lead time

Photography is used at various places to capture the images such as in the advertisement, glamour industry, crime scene, weddings, wildlife etc. A photograph depicts the beauty of the environment if captured properly. Due to advancement in technology a damaged photographed can also be easily restored.

Some photographs which are taken by the famous photographer, the beauty of the photograph itself speaks. Just a month ago, “Social travel” video was viral wherein they used to click pictures in the studio and it would seem that you actually have visited the place and clicked. For e.g.: Paris, New York etc.

This video exactly proved that photography is just not about clicking the pictures, but they need to maintain a relationship with the camera and nurture it with the skills.

It’s been always said beauty should be there in the eyes of people and then everything around them seems beautiful. This what photography exactly means and photographer should also follow the same.

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