What is modeling?

Modeling can be described as a way to communicate or represent a particular commercial product. The product which is to represent can be accessories, clothing, footwear, makeup kits, designer furniture’s etc. and many more. A model is used to display all these products, especially the clothes, in clothes; the designers usually display their style and fabrics. Mainly modeling is used by different artists to display their art to the customers in unique styles of their work. These models are called runway model and are also called as a live model.

A model i.e. the male or female model has a perfect skin, a thin body shape, and attractive facial features.

In modeling there are different types of models which are listed below

  1. Plus size models-Plus size models are huge in size unlike other models they are mostly used in selling large sized clothes and accessories, but it is not compulsory, they can also be used for cosmetics products.
  1. Glamour models- Glamour models can have any size or shape, all they have to do is, and mainly focus on sexuality with their whole and sole. They are mostly seen in advertisements of swim suits, lingerie or as a calendar model.
  1. Parts Models-The name itself says that the models are employed for their body parts like hands, legs, arms, back etc. Mostly hand models are used to represent those things which are used in hands like nail polish, bangles etc. Other body parts are also used for the same purposes.
  1. Fitness models- Fitness models are mostly those models which have a muscular body, there muscle are toned and sculpted, these models will be focused on fitness
  1. Commercial prints and on camera models-Commercial print models are models that appear in advertisement in a newspaper or in magazines.
  1. Promotional mode-Promotional models are the model which is used to promote a product and are hired to drive the desire of the products in the customer’s .Mostly these type of models are seen in events or shows or in shopping malls.
  1. Art models – Art models are those who are used to represent arts through models that include figures of humanity, by making their sculpture or paintings and photograph.
  1. Podium model- Podium models do not walk on the ramp instead they stand in one place by giving poses ,people can touch and feel the fabric wore by the model.
  1. Instagram model- Are the new types of models which are evolved due to increase in the interest in social media, they gain popularity by knowing how many followers are there in the Instagram.

The modeling industry is very interesting once has various streams which is already flourishing and expected to see more in the near future

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