What is Ghazal?

A Ghazal is simply an expression of deep love which is poured into words forming a Ghazal. It is also used to express the pain in love in such a way that you may feel that this pain is more beautiful and you can live your whole life with that pain. In simple word I can define Ghazal as a poem, but not exactly a poem actually it’s a collection of ‘Sher’ and it is followed by the rules of ‘Matla’, ‘Beher’, ‘Maqta’, ‘Kaafiya’ and ‘Radif’

Unless you understand what is a ‘Sher’ and its rules of ‘Matla’, ‘Beher’, ‘Maqta’, ‘Kaafiya’ and ‘Radif’ it’s really difficult what actually a Ghazal mean.

So let’s understand what is a Sher, in the simplest way one can define Sher as a two line poem or a couplet which is the catchy line of Ghazal .Every Sher in a Ghazal or a couplet in a Ghazal can be taken out and read as an individual poem. A Ghazal thus can be said as a beautiful collection of Sher. A Ghazal contains minimum 5 couplets and maximum 15 couplets in it.

Now let me tell you what do we mean by Beher- Beher is nothing else but the length of the both the lines in the Sher.

It is a rule that the length or Beher in the Sher, should be same. Beher thus can be said as a meter of Sher. All Beher can be divided into three categories: Small, medium and long.

Another thing one should know is what is Radif? One who is writing a Ghazal should end every line of the sher with same word. Such repetition of the same word at the end of each line of a couplet is called Radif.

Another important thing which makes a Ghazal is Kaafiya.A Kaafiya is a rhyming pattern which comes before each and every Radif. Kaafiya is very important as without rhyming words a Ghazal cannot be completed.

Now let’s see what does a Matla means every Ghazal has Sher and the first Sher in the Ghazal has Radif, this Sher is called Malta of the Ghazal and the Ghazal is known for its Matla.

At last you must also know what do Maqta means – A Maqta is nothing but the signature or the Ghazal writer by which people can identify who is the writer.

Aaj Jaane Ki Zid Na Karo, Dil Jalaane Ki Baat Karte Ho, Gulon Ki Baat Karo etc are some of the famous Ghazals.

Above all things make a Ghazal and are mandatory to make a perfect Ghazal.

What is Ghazal?

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