What is film direction?

Film Director Name is associated with the films and in today’s generation most age group is being influenced by the films. So they create a great impact and importance in the society as well, which stay for a long time.

If we say it in a line, Film director is a person who directs the film. How simple is that, right?

But as simple is this line the work performed by them aren’t so simple and easy. So a film director can be defined as the person who completes all the five stages i.e. Planning, Coordinating, Staffing, Controlling and then Executing in a proper way in a given timeline wherein the film itself presents its creativity and the effort behind this portray.

While I was passing by a street, two kids were discussing, so I just stopped to hear them and they were talking about their doll, they said “let’s ask from God to give us the great power so our doll could also talk like us and we all three would have a great time. Now think about it, Isn’t that really possible ? Yes, it is possible, A Film Director can because their ideas, their creativity, their hard work can give life to the characters, if correctly done.

A film director can visualize his movie well before it is made. A good film director can make it look real.

“Though the script matters a lot, but eventually the way film directors execute the script is the key to success, i.e. How to do?, Where to do?, when to do?, whom to do?, brings a clear appearance and the proper execution can win the heart of million people.”

The film director profile has been never easy because before an actor enacts the script/story the same script has to be visualized by the director and exactly in the same manner the film has to be executed.

During Promotions and after the movie success, it is not only the hard work of actor and actress, but also the director’s heart and soul both are involved. The feel and touch which are necessary to convert that script into reality is only in the minds of the directors. The beauty and style should be left behind within the eyes of the viewers, and then it’s a success!!!

The film directors take care of the location, cast, crew members and rehearsals, which has to be in place and everything should run parallel in the making of the film. The name itself is big and the work associated with this name is terribly difficult which I wonder how they cope up and give us a great hit film. Hollywood Directors such as Steven Spielberg, James Cameron, Richard Linklater, Woody Allen, Quentin Tarantino and some Bollywood directors like Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Anand L. Rai, J.J. Abrams, and many more owe a salute from the viewers for the effort which they have given behind such a big blockbuster films.

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