What is animation effect ?

The process of creating the illusion of movement through presenting images in a sequential manner is termed as animation. Animations are digitally created using various software’s. .


Animation effects are basically classified into Traditional, Stop Motion and Computer Generated. Computer generated is faster than all other types of animation. Traditional animation includes drawing and designing of each frame by hand while Stop motion can manipulate the images and objects at a time but Computer Generated animation uses computer software’s to create the films or movies and its quite easy.

Animated movies or films which are being created they are not actually moving any objects  but people see those things as moving because these images are stored in the brain only for a fraction of second. The animated frame rates are so fast that people generally see those objects as moving without any disturbances.

2D animation and 3D animation both are used to produce the film .2D Animation manipulate and alter the images while 3D animations, create a virtual world wherein objects move and interact.


Nowadays both of them are used as per the necessity. Since no physical effort is involved animations and are more trustworthy, reliable and less expensive in nature. 2D animation is fast with low bandwidth but 3D animation has replaced it somewhere.


An image is again and again replaced with a new image within a time frame of 24-30 frames per second to show the animation effects in the movie. In earlier times, various types of animation sequence such as Paint-on-glass animation, Sand animation, etc. were included in the movie, but the creation of non-trivial animation has made a user friendly platform for the film making.

Animated movies are the cost effective technique to produce the films and it is highly enjoyed by the age group of 5-18 years and this technique is similar to motion picture, at some extent animation has replaced also motion pictures.

They create virtual world, skeleton, any part of the body, layers and if there are any differences or errors amongst them it is easily identified by the computers software’s and corrected. Animation can be recorded in a various types such as in motion pictures. Animated movies or presentations can be displayed on projector, computers etc.

It is very simple and easy for the directors to ask for a retake of certain shots but when retake is done, it should be personally monitored by the directors. Many awards have been given such as Annie Award for Best Animated Feature, Annie Award for Best Animated Short Subject, Annie Award for Best Animated Television Production etc. for the best animated movie. Even a scientist uses the animation effect for the better view of understanding of their research and development.


Animation is not only used for entertainment in movies, TV shows, and video games, but also in educational videos and advertisements both on TV and on the Internet.

Despite significant improvements in animation over the past decades, it shows that animation is still widespread in the film industry. While animation is one, which has recorded a significant improvement in the film development sector over the decade. Animation has achieved important progress in the past few years, with increased stability and substantial gains made in film industry.

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