What is a Bharatanatyam dance?

India has unity in diversity not only in cultures and religions but also in various traditional dance forms .One among them is Bharatanatyam, It has been originated in Tamil Nadu means southern part of India. Many of the beautiful sculptures in the ancient monuments are the evidence and a small glimpse of the dance form named Bharatanatyam.

This dance form has been practiced commonly by women’s but today; even men are keenly interested in this dance form due to its popularity and importance as one of the well known ancient dance form. It can be simply termed as a combination of three important principles, namely behavior or mood, raga or music and melody and Tala or timing.

It is eventually practiced in the temple of Lord Shiva. Bharatanatyam techniques are a combination of 64 principles of coordinated hand, foot, face and body movements which are performed to the accompaniment of dance syllables.

According to historical studies, Bharatanatyam is a system of dance which is described in the Natya Shastra and is capable of manifesting various forms. The other name of Bharatanatyam is Daasiyattam. This dance form was famous among devdasis who used to perform this dance form in the ancient temple. Devdasis where the woman’s who used to live in temples and worship to God by paying obeisance through their dance.

Later the dance form has taken place as a way of giving pleasure to the kings in their royal courts and now they were called as Rajanartakis.

Bharatanatyam also has relations with mythology according to the study Lord Brahma has created pancham by seeping the information and references from four Vedas, namely Pathya (words) of Rigveda, Abhinaya (communicative elements of the body movements) of Yajurveda, Geetham (music and chant) of the Samaveda, and finally, the Rasam (vital sentiment and emotional elements) of Atharvaveda. You can observe that every movement in Bharatanatyam is unique and have its own originality.

There are great body movements in the form of triangles; Bharatanatyam is done with bent knees throughout the performance. Not only the steps are beautiful, but also the costume used is very colorful, easy to wear and comfortable. The best part is the makeup done which make the mark in dance performance as not only the body movements and make-up is important but the eye movement and facial expressions are also very much important.

As the time has passed many changes has taken place many people take it as a profession to become a dancer performing Bharatanatyam being one of the oldest classical dance its a proud feeling that we have still preserved it.

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