What does it take to become a Radio Jockey?

Have you ever thought talking would pay you? Yes it will, as a Radio Jockey.

Nowadays Radio Jockey has gained popularity and they are referred as “RJ”. Thanks to the fabulous listeners. Radio jockey is a person who hosts the show, entertains, interacts and conveys messages to the audience with a feel they are in front of them who hear them with a curiosity and surprise… What next? RJ presents them in a well–bred and attractive way, whatever may be the situation they have to host the show well. In other words, No right to feel any emotions, i.e. stay always happy otherwise it may affect the show.

The style, expression, delivery, and content have to be appropriate and accurate. No mistakes!!! It’s a “LIVE” show.

RJ not only entertain us but also provide the updated information related to certain task which listeners may or may not be aware about the fact, no doubt, it’s useful . .

Nobody is interested to hear an annoying or boring voice. Every RJ has its own unique way of communicating so that they sound pleasinginly and their metallic voice should create a magic amongst the listeners. Some people are recognized by their name, some by their reputation, but RJs is recognized by their voice, since their voices are so powerful, convincing and commanding.

As such, no special qualification is required for RJ. It does just depend upon the talent. How you present your quality voice?

Along with proper pronunciation, voice modulation and fluency in their talks, RJ should also know how to connect with the listeners. They should possess good sense of humor, knowledge of music, creativity to tackle the situation, think out of the box, awareness about the current affairs and ability to grab attention of the listeners

RJ has earned reputation just because of their originality in voice. Even today this traditional industry is flourishing because of active participants and openings of new broadcasting channels. RJ should keep in mind there are no retakes, what they speak is live broadcasted .Every word; every sentence has to be relevant in aspect of the content. Even they have to conduct interviews of different kinds of people and also celebrities as per the need of the show.

You might be aware of RJ Suchithra, she used to host the Mirchi FM, Radio one in Chennai but now she is a playback singer. How beautiful? But the people of Chennai still miss her voice. Several female RJ tried to do the same type of the show, but no one could match up with her metallic voice.

This job is not an 8 /9/12 hours shift. It depends upon the timing of the show. RJ’s magnetic voice should create sleight of hand amongst the listeners.

As earlier mentioned in terms of qualification no special course is required, but for better understanding the skills and profession one can do a diploma or a post graduation degree in mass communication, but what matters the most is the passion, spirit, intensity, outbreak and warmth towards this career .Many professional take workshops of radio jockeying where you can learn the most about RJ skills and nature and also one should be passionate about the music so that they can provide the simple and small updates about the music being played.

I am convinced that we can build an innovative career as RJ with the peculiar and dynamic voice quality.

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