What does it mean to be a cinematographer?

A Film or movie comprised of various shots or scenes making the whole and soul which depicts the whole story. A film is not made by a director alone; there are many more hands in the success of a film or movie. It is made by a group of people which are categorized into departments like designers, photographers, lighting team along with a team of cinematographer. In a layman’s language Cinematographer is the one who heads the team of people, who are responsible in capturing the overall views and images for a film to make it complete and perfect. The person who is very much fond of camera and photography, who loves to make each and every bit of a photographic look perfect and is keenly interested can actually become a cinematographer.

A cinematographer should have a mindset to achieve infinite impossibilities with creativity. Suppose you are asked which is your favourite shot in a movie and why? You would probably say the best part of the movie or the best shot of the movie, which has taken your breath away and the all credit goes to the cinematographer who has decided the lens to be used, the angles to be taken the camera to be placed.

What does it mean to be a cinematographer, can be simply answered by saying that “he is a person who is actually in charge to shoot a film and one who is behind the lens, making everything look awesome”.

A good relation between a director and cinematographer can make things easier, resulting in a film with best scenes giving pleasure to our eyes. A director decides how the shot should be and the cinematographer finalizes it. A cinematographer deals in crafting images from the scratches with the help of the various departments, ensuring that it should not only derive the story but the images should become more powerful to express. It’s all about having a unique vision for what you are creating, and then using your knowledge of lighting, lenses, composition, etc. in order to fulfil that vision.

In the history of film making if we see, there was no separate division for a director and a cinematographer. A director himself was used to decide everything but as the craze for movies has increased more and more in this new generation, the need of cinematographer has risen. The new technology has led to an improvement in the visuals in the movies from black and white to colourful images. But movies are now digitalized with special effects. In an action movie, or a horror movie, you can see the special effects of which you have never imagined. A cinematographer has to handle all this and the last outcome has to be perfect including with all this special effects. Without cinematographer, it is not possible to give a hit movie as he plays a important role.

A movie can be a blockbuster hit if the cinematographer, has a creative mind with high decision making power and can handle his cinematography team at its best giving the outcome as desired by the director.

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