What does a cinematographer do?

Have you ever thought watching a movie in a theater and coming out with a satisfied feeling, to bring such an impact on the viewers, it needs a lot of effort, this effort is done by no one other than a cinematographer .A cinematographer makes the visual appearance so perfect that it meets our expectation with a movie. Each and every shot needs to be perfect and is perfect due to the efforts of the cinematographer and the team of cinematographer.

A cinematographer handles different departments under him mainly the camera and lighting department. He is one who decides upon the angle of the camera, the angle should be such that it gives out the perfect scene as demanded by the Director of the film.

Not everyone knows the exact angles as a cinematographer does. A cinematographer has to be professionally trained as he has to decide upon the how the film is to be digital film? Or not? What will be the colour” vibrant dark or very dull”? The main thing is about camera angles, along with the lens to be used for getting perfect images and so on.

Every final decision related to every shot is to be taken by cinematographer. Movies are not only movies they sometime touch our emotions, the emotions in the movies touches our heart. Some emotional scenes bring tears in our eyes, while a comedy scene brings a huge laughter. For doing this a cinematographer and a director have to join their hands and have to understand what they both want to give out in a scene.

A cinematographer is also called as Director of photography (DP) he is responsible for taking all artists and all the technical decision. A cinematographer is also called a craftsman, an artist, and also a painter and he paints all the images digitally with the help of a camera.

A cinematographer has to deal with the shots, scenes and sequences all three. In a film, there is a shot which is the smallest part of the film small shot comprised together to make a big scene. In the last all shots and scenes are taken together and are arranged in proper sequences making a whole story.

The cinematographer has to play the crucial role in making a movie. All the roles of a cinematographer are important from start to end; a movie without a cinematographer would be no less than just a role play. All the cinematographers have to be very efficient and very stringent in its decision and thoughts; he has to be very much capable of converting every scene and shots into a breathtaking movement satisfying a director and the viewers.

All we could say is that a cinematographer has to realize the scenes and the intentions of a director and convert it into a reality taking all the support of the lighting team and camera team also the team of people having all the digital knowledge. He is the one who is full of creativity, digital and technical knowledge and leading the whole team, guiding them in the correct direction and achieving the goals of making a perfect movie achieving all the possibilities of making viewers happy.

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