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India has created a long history in dance, so it can be said that it’s very old tradition inclusive of fine arts, folk music and dances. Various dances have been originated in India and are know well known internationally. In earlier times these dances were only performed in front of the god in the temple, but now it is performed at various occasions and even in dance shows. They use signs and expression to express the feeling behind that particular act.

Every dance form resembles states so Indians can understand the importance of this dance

Types of Indian traditional dance are as follows.

  1. Bharatnatyam

In the past, it was performed by a group of women called devadasis, in south of India, Tamil Nadu so this has been originated from the Tamil Nadu .In this dance form, the legs are bent and hands show gestures, literally they tell a particular story which their hand mudras

  1. Kathak

This dance form originates from the northern part of India, the name itself means to tell some stories. It is performed by the solo dancer, which integrates the dance to tell some mythological story.

  1. Kathakali

If we break the name of this particular one can primarily understand the meaning of the dance form, so story means Katha. Eventually this dance form also express out the stories. Yes, this belongs to Kerala, South-Western coastal state. This is a dance cum drama performances and the dancers are colorfully dressed so that they portray the various roles

  1. Kuchipudi

It is similar to Kathakali, but it originates from the kucchipudi village of Andhra Pradesh, the Southern State of India. This dance form was only performed by the male dancers even the female character was being depicted by the male itself, but in the recent years only female performs this dance form.

  1. Manipuri

This dance form evolved from the North Eastern state of India, Manipur. This dance form mostly depicts the stories of Lord Krishna and Vishnu is performed very gracefully. This dance form not only includes dancing, but also includes singing. The performers are so talented that they sing while dancing and maintain the decorum of the auditorium

  1. Mohiniattam

The name derived is a combination of women and dance I. Mohini means women and attam means dance and originated from Kerala. So basically females only perform this dance form. The performers dress themselves in a very normal way, but they look beautiful, they were white sari with golden borders and tie a bun.

  1. Odissi

This is the oldest dance form originated from the eastern part of India, Orissa that is why it is called as Odissi. This dance basically replicates the postures found in the temple sculptures and includes total 55 mudras in this dance form

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