The top special effects makeup school in India?

A makeup artist is an art which some people prefer to take as a career in this small world. To become a professional makeup artist one has to learn the skills and attributes.

A simple and normal makeup can be learned from the beauticians and from parlous but a professional makeup artist has to undergo proper training and guidance under the appropriate mentors. If someone wants to pursue as a career in makeup artists and that’s too special makeup artists, one has to take severe trainings and also on the job trainings which helps the aspirant to gain confidence in this field. Some top institutes are listed below where people can enroll and see themselves as makeup artists after few years.

  1. Shahnaz Herbal Women’s World International :

Shahnaz Husain is the leader in providing professional makeup training and beauty products. They have a professional training program, comprising of both theory and practice. They have training schools not only in India but also in abroad; approximately 75 beauty training schools. Shahnaz Husain’s Beauty Training Academy offers professional Diploma and Postgraduate Courses. The courses provide extensive and expert knowledge to the students.

  1. Dharmambal Government Polytechnic for Women:

Dr. Dharmambal Government Polytechnic for Women is located in Chennai. Courses includes diploma in Cosmetology where students can learn and improve the skills. A variety of teaching and learning techniques are employed for the students to ensure that what they learn is as per the syllabus.

  1. International Polytechnic for Women:

Polytechnic for Women offers education certificates and diplomas courses for undergraduates as well as for graduates. They offer the various postgraduate diploma courses in Beauty Technology and Cosmetology to become a professional makeup artist.

  1. Vlcc Institute Of Beauty Health And Management: 

This institute was established in India in 2001. Across India, they have 65 institutes in 49 cities. They have tied up with many companies so that they can provide placement to the students who are pursuing in that institute. They have specialized courses in beauty, hair, cosmetology, make-up, spa therapies and nutrition.

  1. Makeup Studio Training Center:

This institute is world renowned training institute, established in New Delhi for professional make-up products and accessories. They have so many courses Comprehensive Make-Artistry Diploma, Level 3 Advance Make-Up Artistry, Level 2 Beauty Make-Up, Level 1 Understanding Make-Up and also short courses. This institute also provides placement services to the students

  1. Pivot Point Beauty School: 

This institute has a social learning environment built only for the people who are interested in beauty and makeup artists. They have professional faculties who can train and educate very well and also have a collaborative environment to enhance personal learning experiences. They offer a variety of courses in this field of cosmetology which as per the convenience of students, one can choose and enroll.

Since this sector is booming and in future will endeavor a great success. Makeup artists, despite of all challenges, is becoming a multi billion-dollar industry.

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