Which are the top Film Direction schools in India ?

Due to popularity of the film and television, the number of film direction schools are increasing day by day. You need to be careful before selecting the right school.

Best institutes are where people do rigorous practice and effort, and make lot of short films. So that they can see themselves as a film director, few of them are listed below:

Film and Television Institute of India (Pune):

This institute is commonly recognized as FTII, Pune.The campus is very big nearly about 30acres of campus and another 27 acres they are planning to add for the betterment of the students. The institute wants to provide a freedom to interpret and learn things in their own way. This institute is a Government institution so their fees are also very reasonable. It is well equipped with film studios, television studios and computer library also. This institution believes learning with enjoyment, no enforcement., Good faculty, great ambience, comfortable learning, productivity and creative ideas, high specialized courses with all this institution makes a no.1

Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute, Kolkata:

This institution, as established in 1995 at Kolkata with a mission to nurture the students who are willing to take up the in this field. It provides education, training, Sound recording etc. They are specialized in fiction and nonfiction movie production. They are also a member of CILECT. Limited students per batch so that they can provide a quality training and guidance.

Whistling Woods International, Mumbai:

The chairman and the founder of this institute is Mr. Subhash Ghai. This institute only has a 3D stereoscopic filmmaking pipeline. The vision of WWI is being more than just a reputed film school. They are also a member of CILECT. They offer full time courses and also provide scholarships to the students. This institution is well equipped to provide theoretical and practical aspects.

Center for Research in Art of Film and Television, Delhi:

This film making institute is known as a CRAFT, is a NPO i.e. Non profit organization. All other courses are available apart from that post graduation courses for one year has newly introduced by this institution and it is also registered as a public charitable trust to provide quality training.

To conclude on this topic, none of the profession is good or bad it depends upon how you take as in this industry and whichever institute one may enroll, the effort of a student count the most. Many best directors are available and they are also termed as legendary. So with proper guidance, with great effort he/she can also create the same history which already other directors had created and be in a same list.

All the Best!!!

Which are the top Film Direction schools in India ?

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