Top 10 modeling schools in India

There is a pressing need to accelerate the modeling career with reputed institutes in order to address the challenges of modeling career and for the sustainable development.

Below some of the top institutes are mentioned where one can go and enroll the best institute as per their ease and convenience.

  1. Center for Research in Art of Film and Television (CRAFT)

This institute was established in 2006 and commonly known as CRAFT. They offer post graduation and diploma courses in Modeling and covers all the phases of modeling career and their main focus is on development of modeling career and efficient improvements in order to cater the students.


This institute earlier has only acting school, but now they have incorporated a modeling course along with the other courses. With their extensive research and development, they have got a top rating as well.

  1. International Institute of ACTING and MODELING (IIIAM)

This institute is located in Kolkata and West Bengal. They offer professional courses in Acting, Modeling and dance. Their main objective is to implement the learning attributes in a practical manner.

  1. Frankfinn Institute of Modeling & Acting [FIMA].

This institute is founded after extensive research and the courses they offer include all the important facts which are required in a modeling career. They have mentioned on their website “This institute brings familiarity in the students to understand the fashion world in general.”

  1. The ICE Institute (institute of Creative Excellence)

Their name itself says “Creative Excellence” so till date this institute has sustained their name by providing creative excellence in terms of modeling as well as other courses and it is India’s leading institute

  1. Balajee Academy of Talent:

It was established in 2005 by Deepak Sharma and Mohit Manocha in West Patel Nagar, New Delhi. It is a platform not only for the modeling, but also for the Act, Dance & Music and offer both short term as well as longer courses in modeling

7. SMPAi  (Samrat Mukherji Performing Arts Institute ) 

It is one of the best and the biggest institute for Acting, Modeling and dancing, was established in 1994. Mr. Samrat Mukherji is the director and the principal of this institute and they see to it that they guide and train the students properly.

  1. Swadesh Modeling Institute:

This institute is located in Delhi and provides all kinds of services related to Dance Courses, Acting Courses, Modeling, Ghaziabad, Photography Courses, Catwalk, ramp walk, Film TV Production Courses.

  1. Indian Film and Television Institute:

This is the institute which provides best learning practices, making aware about the present situation of the industry. This institute has given many performers, nowadays they have well known amongst us. They offer diploma courses in Modeling.

10 SETC:

This institute is located in Kolkata and is well known for providing modeling courses. They provide extensive training to the students as well as on job training to the learners of that institute.


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