Top 10 difficult instruments to play

Learning to play a musical instrument in the beginning is easy, but as you learn more and go deeper into it you find many difficulties as higher level includes higher difficulties.

There are many such instruments; some of them are listed below:

  1. Accordion:

The shape of an accordion is square or box and comprises of keys. It is one of the instruments which are widely spread in different parts of the world. The old name of the Arcadians was harmonica; previously it was used to perform only folk or ethnic music.

  1. Cello:

A cello is a second largest and difficult string instrument considered as the closest sounding instrument to the human voice. Today cellos are mostly the part of the standard symphony orchestra

  1. Tabla:

Tabla is also considered as one of the toughest instruments to play. Its cell is cylindrical which is made up of wood and produces a distinct pitch when struck.

  1. Organ:

An organ is also a keyboard instrument of one or more pipe divisions; each division is played with its own keyboard. Organ uses wind, which is being moved through pipes to produce sound.

  1. Harp:

A harp is a stringent musical instrument which has a number of individual strings in it. These strings are plucked with the fingers to make sounds. A harp varies in its shape and sizes, some are small some are large, some harp are so big that one can keep it in lap and play it. Modern harp variations in techniques as the modern generation requires.

  1. Bagpipes:

The name itself says that this instrument consists of a bag and pipes attached to it. There are different types of bagpipe and are widely spread in Europe and Middle East. It is played by blowing wind through pipes which helps to produce sound.

  1. Piccolo:

A Piccolo is a woodwind instrument and is called a half sized flute. A Piccolo was mostly used in conjunction with marching drums previously and was made of various kinds of wood, glass, or ivory, but at present it is made up of plastic, resin, brass or silver.

  1. Bassoon:

The bassoon is a double reed woodwind instrument it plays the music which is written in brass, nowadays bassoon is also used in orchestra, concerts, jazz and rock bands.

  1. French horn:

A French horn is considered as one of the brass instruments and is made up of tube wrapped into a coil with a flared bell. One who plays a horn is considered as a horn player and is mostly used in orchestra and bands.

  1. Guitar:

The guitar is considered as one of the popular string and the toughest instrument amongst others because it has 4-18 strings attached to it. There are three types of modern guitar, classical guitar, steel- string acoustic guitar, and arch top guitar. A guitar can be played solo or in bands or orchestra and is mostly famous among today’s young generation.

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