Things Good Dancers Do Differently to get Maximum Output ?

Have you ever wondered what great dancers do differently and why they become successful?

Dancer too need precision of a surgeon and study, invest time, energy & effort to master the art. A good dancer does not only focus on dancing but learn human psychology too. Studying human psychology helps understand how audience react to dancer’s body language or certain moves. He researches and studies what audience like and what they prefer. He studies his audience before preparing for the show.

Example: As an audience do they really like to see just a dance or an entertainer. Will the audience love to see a social message thru the dance?

A good dancer continues to research and develops to present something new every time to his audience.

The question is, what could you do to develop yourself?  And the answer is, QUIT watching good performance all the time.

  1. Watch Excellent, Good, Average, Fair & Bad performs dance: Understand the difference between good and bad performance. Understanding why it is called good and why it is called bad?  What do most people look at, on what parameter do they call a dance GOOD or BAD? Once you understand things that your audience look at before they mark a performance good or bad, You would then be able to do the math to either remove or add things that can help you convert the performance bad to good and good to excellent.

If you watch someone dance, Pay close attention to the dancers and notice what they are doing. Ask question to yourself.

  • Did the dance begin correctly
  • Is he focused?
  • Are the techniques correct?
  • Is there a proper flow in the dance?
  • Are you able to figure out the start and end of a particular move?
  • Is every move being finished correctly
  • Is the dancer rushing to finish one move to start the next?
  • Did you find grace in the dance?
  • Are their emotions matching the music?
  • Are they confident?
  • Is there proper eye contact?
  • Are they expressing or their moments appear to impress?
  • Are they utilizing the floor appropriately?
  • Is he standing at the right spot is the angle correct on the stage?
  • Is their outfit matching the dance style?
  • Is the level of energy same from beginning to the end?
  • Are they using their props correctly?
  • Do you feel like dancing with them?
  • Did their performance bring smile on your face, or are you yawning?
  • Were you looking at the dancer thru out or you were checking what time it was in you watch?

Keep asking this questions and figure out how the performance could have made better, what was missing?

What went wrong, and what could be done to avoid it in future?

Did I learn something new today?

Am I researching to understand the latest trend?

Am I discovering something new?

Am I following someone or you want people to follow you?

Remember, Innovation never ends.

There are no old roads to new Directions, and it’s tough when people preference change and you don’t.


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