Who should take Sound Recording course?

Despite of its turbulent history, Sound recording has gained popularity and reputation, and they are commonly known as “Sound Recording Engineer.

A Sound Engineer’s are those who understand the sound track and works in conjunction with the visual image. I don’t remember where, but beautiful lines were written for Sound Recording “Sound and picture share a symbiotic relationship and the result is pure magic-The magic of Cinema.”

In earlier days, Music or audio has to be recorded into two processes. First, it used be recorded by written notation and then by mechanical devices for further clarity. “Phonautograph” was the first device that could record the music. Nowadays, technology advancement has given birth to too many instruments that could record music, for example, Phonograph cylinder, Disc phonograph, Electrical recording, and many other recording formats.

Sound recorder has to work with various kinds of people viz., music directors, film directors, music artists, Radio Jockey, Disc Jockey and has to compatible and adaptable amongst them.”The sound engineer is responsible for achieving artistic intent in a recording or via a sound system in a live concert,” says Joe Dudych, retired sound engineer with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Of course, anyone can choose Sound recording as their career. No doubt

As an engineer one has to very well taken care of clarity of sound and has to be proficient with the instruments and equipments because these are the instruments which convert sound digitally that can be heard from one electronic device to another. Sound recording engineers can even mix and match the music as per their convenience and liking. So sometimes they can even work as DJ recorder.

Particular show needs appropriate instruments or equipments to record so, technicians or engineers of sound recording must have accurate knowledge about the various audio equipments and recording software’s, when to use what. They also work and perform live at shows, the name sounds so simple that anyone can record the music or song, but it’s too tough to manage all equipments and record everything at one go. To do recording, it requires a lot of experience and hard work. In case, by mistakenly mistake is made in recording, it would definitely be a waste of time.

If someone needs to be successful recorder one has to have passion and love towards the wide variety of music. If you have love towards your work and zeal to learn, you will not miss single node and a beat.

Listening to the visuals without the music or audio doesn’t make any sense. Engineers end up by giving an emotional attachment with the content or video. In other words, they add life to the visuals. The nature of the recorder has to eliminate the unwanted noise. With the help of them people are able to have a two dimensional experience.

Bent says, “Technology is there to serve the art and not the other way around. Time is money. If you want to do this for a living, you have to do this in a timely fashion. You have to commit to a vocal. You have to commit to a take.”Students should have a clear aspect to pursue a sound recording as their career. The course includes all the technical and creative aspects of the recording process. Students should practice with the equipments and instruments used in professional studios.

Take a head start in building the successful career in the sound recording industry. All the best!!!


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