What are special effects in movies?

Any creativity done in cinema, which makes that shot of that movie pleasant, it is termed as “Special Effect”. But in today’s scenario, everything has been changed in every field person are specialized and Special effect aims to create a such special effects that can provide reliability, good quality view to others and which cannot be identified easily.

In film industry everything seems to be illusory or very tricky. That illusion and trick are called as a special effect. Every show or film, which we watch are not without special effect. Directors also make the most use of special effects.

Special effects are normally abbreviated as SFX, SPFX or FX.SFX is used in films, televisions, video games to incorporate and establish certain shots or scenes which are really not possible. We can say, it’s an imagination or a virtual world which is shown in theatres or on television

The shows related to magic, miracles, etc. has seen significant and positive developments. Horror films are the best examples of special effects. Their shows are successful just because of SFX. Audience highly appreciates the work of the special effects people because it’s highly unbelievable.

Motion picture industry had refined and improved the special technique’s effect. The process of special effect is complex, but sustained growth has been materialized as expected. It is not difficult to achieve higher growth in the next few years, as the situation is still too stable to allow business to flourish in special effect. Special effects are created but it seems that they are natural. These people are so innovative they can create and record any type of natural calamities e.g.: earthquake, cyclone etc.

Special effects are further classified into type’s .Mechanical effects and optical effects.

A mechanical effect requires a lot of hard work, innovative and inventive thinking. It is made possible using some props, scale models, and they even know to create the atmospheric pressure such as creating wind, snow, hailstones, melting mountain glaciers. It is done physically and practically. Sometimes special makeup artists are required to do mechanical effects, basically they work on prosthetic make up to ensure the production of the film. Special effect makeup artist gave a beautiful essence to mechanical effect.

Optical Effects are totally different from the mechanical effect as the name suggests something related to lenses. They create films frames or images through photography or in camera using various exposures mostly during the post production. It is used to provide different background such as moving or painted background.

A Space Odyssey, directed by Stanley Kubrick, this was the benchmark in special effects because he made his own effects team and did that movie. The space Odyssey movie was a spectacular hit and yet that movie is appreciated now and thereafter many more movies are made with the best special effect.

Special effects generally make the scene more flexible and easy to understand though it needs creative thinking to work upon and the process involved is too lengthy and tedious. Special effect has to be applied to get the desired effect and makes the film more qualitative.

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