What are the pros and cons of being singer?

One can become a singer when he is fully passionate and blessed with a good voice along with the knowledge of singing. If I will give you only sweets to eat everyday and nothing else will it be ok for you?? I am sure that your answer will be no, similarly life cannot be full of good things you have to face good and bad phases, both, As a famous singer you too will have many advantages and disadvantages as follows:


  1. Fame:

After becoming a singer, it’s obvious that fame will know your door; you will be admired and praised by many of your followers it would be really awesome to get so much fame and love and surrounded by the people who take you as an idol and admire to become a great singer like you.

  1. Money:

Along with fame you will surely become rich as you will be getting more and more singing contracts due to your fame and your singing skills which has touched the hearts of people and had discovered something different and new in your voice making you one of the outstanding singers, thus increasing your value and bringing lots of money and richness in your life.

  1. World tour:

If you are a singer, and performing in various concerts that are taking place in various locations in the world, it would surely give you an opportunity to roam throughout the world that too free of cost isn’t it very awesome!

  1. Change in lifestyle:

Have you ever noticed that a singer appears just like a superstar as they maintain their looks along with their voice to be noticed more and more thus  bringing  a change in their lifestyle and making them a totally different person .

This change in lifestyle helps in making your personality more charming making your fans crazier about you.

  1. Inner happiness:

As you are doing what you love from the bottom of your heart it would surely make you feel happy from inside as there could be no other perfect job for you rather than being the singer and enjoying each and every movement of your singing career. 


  1. No personal life:

Yes, you may totally lose your personal life and this is faced by all the famous people. The environment in which you are surrounded judges you by each and every act you do in your personal life. Much wrong news is also made which disturbs you and your career in different ways.

  1. Continuous efforts:

You have to make continuous efforts to keep yourself at peak and preference as a good singer. This continuous effort sometimes becomes a burden and leads to stress in your life

  1. Huge competitions:

No one can be in the same position anyone can replace you. Thus, in singing industry, there is a huge competition as you can find many talented singers, you have to be the best and beat the rest to be in the race.

  1. Looks matter:

Though being in singing industry you have to look your best at each and every place where you are going to perform and face your fans, as they love your voice along with your appearance you have to struggle a lot to maintain your look and also your voice.

  1. Hectic schedule:

There are a lot of loud and a hectic schedule and you have to deal with it without stopping continued singing and performing sometimes may become hectic job. But you have to face it for your fans who has been awaiting for your concerts and your performance even after being tired you have to look perfect and give your best which is a little bit difficult.

All above are some pros and cons you have to face after becoming a famous singer

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