The pros and cons of a modelling career

Modelling career do have much advantage or pros along with disadvantages or cons, becoming famous in this world are not that easy and with a career like modelling it’s damn tough. As we say coin has two sides similarly modelling career too has two sides, bright side and a dark side.

Let us first discuss about the pros I. The bright side of a modelling career as we all know, who a model is?  Face that you see in the cover page of magazine, or newspaper or on any websites a fresh face attracting your eyes as it has something different in it, becoming a model brings all the fame and stardom in once life. We have also noticed that many models convert into a film star as most directors find them perfect to be a heroine in their future film.

One of such example, you can find is Deepika Padukone she was a model and now a film star, she may have never thought that she will ever become so many famous, she will ever have so much fan feeling, but her life has changed as she has started her career through modelling only, we can take it as a good advantage of a modelling career.

Who would not like to dress up, look beautiful? Obviously everybody loves it and if you are a model you would surely enjoy dressing up every day all the designer clothes and looking the best, and if you are a show’s topper nobody could match you. Even the makeup, the jewellery you put is the best.

Along with this you have many chances of becoming a brand ambassador of various big companies, adding to this a modelling career brings lots of money too. Also, you get the chance of travelling worldwide where all the fashion shows are carried on and I know everybody would like to go around the world. Isn’t its awesome looking beautiful with designer clothes, best makeup, marvellous jewellery and roaming around the world? This is all a modelling career would involve in it.

Let’s now see the other side the cons of modelling career, it’s obvious to look the best with best figure a perfect face is not easy you have to be fit and maintain yourself by doing dieting and going to the gym, obviously not everybody likes to do that. Including this a modelling career have a hectic schedule shows after shows sometimes you don’t have time even to sleep. In a survey it has also been disclosed that models take drugs to awake all night for their shows, even many models have died due to their strict dieting schedule that was really shocking for me, how can someone give-up life just to be in shape?

The worst thing we can say is that this career has only a short life till when you look beautiful, you look praise others you are in form, after that nobody would like to ask you for shows as you are not that charming as you were in your young age.

One should obviously know about a modelling career before stepping into this career. Hope not everyone would face the darker side and just enjoy the bright side of the same.

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