Pros And Cons of being a Film Director

Each and everything in this world has two sides, same is with the film director profession. But it does not mean that advantages or disadvantages will harm us. Always remember, bring the best out of the worst. Positive and ongoing attitude means everything in each and every profession.

Some Pros and Cons are listed out below


  1. Travelling opportunity :

As a director, the first question comes in the mind, which location would suit the most for the scenes, so obviously traveling is mandatory and is involved by default and almost all people love to travel and visit new places and experience a lot which makes their journey more fruitful. Travelling with learning will give director much greater scope to enhance their skills.


  1. Higher incomes, Earning potential:

Earning potential will be very high because as a director, you know how much effort has been given to the film, and if movies are blockbuster hit, then directors potential of earning can go up by 10 times overnight.

  1. More Creative and Ideologist

As time passes, expertise  and knowledge adds up to the  directors acumen and eventually the perspective to look things change slowly and directors becomes much more accurate, creative and ideologist in terms of everything. Directors should create and direct only ,what  he believes.

  1. Learning and improvised skill

In every field experience matters a lot also an old saying says, “Practice makes man perfect. The more you stay in this profession, it will add up to your experience. Each day director learns new and impossible things because when we see certain shots on a big screen, we always think that was really possible!

  1. Name, Fame, Growth,:

Directors unique idea makes them recognize in that industry, as the industry is very tough to survive. The Name, Fame, Growth goes parallel if they create by themselves a benchmark to their career. Finally “She/he” can be recognized as a “Film Director”.



  1. One flop film, and you could be out of the industry forever. No producer may hire you as a director to put their hard-earned money.
  1. High work load, More pressure

Since, to create and execute the films properly is not a simple task, the work load would be more and sometimes directors have to work long hours without any break and may have to extend someday. Sometimes it may happen the way the scene should execute, it may not work out in a same manner, the directory may have to cuts and retake again, the director is always under pressure to complete the film in a given or targeted deadline.

  1. Competitive field

Nowadays every field has become competitive in nature and same as with this field too. Continuously working on the same script and correcting, directing, executing again may be stressful sometimes. Incase if the film doesn’t do well in box-office director get the blame.

  1. Inconsistent work:

A film director is hired for a particular film, after completion of the film, job of the director is complete. Sometimes a director may not get his next film for months or even years. New Projects are always to given to directors who are successful in their profession. Imagine couple of films turned out to be flop and you may have no work for months. Inconsistent work may also leads to frustration.

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