Most popular musical instruments in the world

The most popular musical instruments in the world are as listed below, many of them you see below are played in almost every song or orchestra.

Most of the instruments you see below are played by many famous musicians.

  1. Guitar:

The guitar is one of the most popular and well known musical instruments in the world; it comes under string instrument, having 4 to 18 Strings. Guitars are of two types Acoustic Guitar and electric guitar, electric guitar has been introduced in the year 1930 which uses an amplifier to electrically manipulate and create the tone. The guitar is mostly used by stage performers like rock stars.

  1. Piano:

Piano is one of the most played musical instrument in America and also in the other parts of the world. Most of piano experts have a high level of expertise and they love to give a solo performance. The piano is played by using a keyboard having rows of keys that the performers press with the finger of both the hands

  1. Drums:

Drums are also well known in different parts of the world; it has been introduced for the first time in EGYPT and has been evolving all around the world. Drums are played by using hand by striking on it or even sticks are used to strike on drum to play the sound of drums.

  1. Flute:

Flutes are commonly used in concerts, orchestras, military brands, etc. A flute is a part of woodwind group and is one of the instruments which have been evolved from ancient time, thus its one of the most popular and important musical instruments all over the world.

  1. Saxophone:

Just like flute a saxophone is also a woodwind instrument. A saxophone is made up of brass, and it is played with a single reed mouthpiece. It’s very huge and not that easy to handle. A saxophone is mostly seen to be played in bands, a jazz event or in a military band and thus counted as one of the popular instrument.

  1. Trumpet :

A trumpet is one of the popular instruments which are made up of brass. They are played by blowing air and create a buzzing sound. It is an instrument which has been introduced since the 15th century and still has its existence in this 21st century

  1. Violin:

The violin is one of the famous instruments played in the world, it is considered as one of the highest -pitched instrument. A violin is a bowed string instrument with four strings tuned in perfect film.

  1. Cello :

Cello looks like a violin but it is bigger in size. It is not possible to hold it in hands so one has to sit down on a chair than hold it and play. It is mostly played solo; it can also be played in string orchestra or also in some rock bands

All the above listed instrument are said to be famous instruments as it is  played by most of the population all over the world and are also well known amongst all.

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