Do I need to look good to be a singer?

In today’s generation, singer is a combination of beauty and talent, such a combination will make a mark in the heart of their fans as they are not only praised for their voice but also for their good looks. Everyone who has to perform in front of thousands of audience has to sing well and look good. A singer is known only because of their talent and their voice quality; it is believed that in addition to this if he/she has good looks success will knock their door at the earliest.

Do I need to look good to be a singer? Yes, it matters, but not to such an extent.

If you have just started your singing career and moving towards the path of success and fame, you need to look glamorous at every movement so that you not only grab the ears and soul of the audience by your voice but also can take away the heart and breathe of your fans by your good looks. But still, it’s not easy to justify directly that, is it really important to have a good look to become a famous singer.

You can take an example of Sunidhi s Chauhan her charming personality and beautiful voice has taken away the hearts of many fans. But at the earliest stage in Sunidhi Chauhans life all her efforts to become a playback singer has made her dream come true just because of her beautiful voice.

She has started at the age of 4 by performing at the local gatherings and made her career debut at the age of 13, with the film Shastra (1996). She also won the first singing reality show titled Meri Awaz Suno. She also recorded “Ruki Ruki Si Zindagi” from Mast (1999), and won the Filmfare RD Burman Award for New Music Talent and was nominated for the Best Female Playback Singer.

Later on she faced huge success in her life just because of her beautiful voice, confidence and full dedication towards singing. Besides being well known for her own singing style she is also known for her great fashion sense also.

Making a judgment that only look matters would be wrong here in singing industry your singing talent matters the most.

We are born in such a generation where every individual is concerned about their beauty and looks and if you are performers who have to impress the audience looks does matters a lot. It’s not like that you have to be beautiful by birth as not every singer is blessed with beautiful voice and face, one can groom himself and improve his/ her looks by making a little effort.

Go to the gym make your body look perfect as a perfect body will fill you with confidence, next you can appoint a designer who can decide what looks good in you and goes with your personality. You can add a hair stylist or a make-up man who can help you to improve the beauty of your face this all things will make you perfect.

Previously singers were not much concerned about their looks, but now time has changed, everyone has to change accordingly and one has to adjust with it, thus to be in the form in the race of being the top singer one should have a great voice and a great style.

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