All you need to know about photography as a career

Don’t be mistaken that a career in photography is just about the clicking pictures. Obviously the pictures are being clicked but the photographer should also capture the cuteness and emotions.

The photograph is captured through a medium, i.e. “Camera”.

What is a camera? “Camera is a medium of expression”. It doesn’t matter if one is capturing from a phone or a camera, what most matters is vision and creativity. A creative mind and up to date information about the latest trends can take to the heights.

Some people really have dreamt and aimed to become a photographer; they should really question themselves why to pursue “Photographer” as a career?

All you need to know about photography as a career that it might be not suitable for everyone because one can learn the skills and attributes, but being creative can’t be learnt it’s an inborn talent. One can learn how to click the images, but from which angles, it gives perfection is a natural ability.

If you are really good at photography one can start building their portfolio and the same photographs can be uploaded on social sites and create the blog. So from here people will notice your job, think how good you are in photography and according your photographs might be rated. Rating and comments may decide whether you have a caliber and potential to do photography or not.

If really interested to pursue as a career, there are so many institutes who offer diploma and certification courses which you can do along with your college. This institute provides you a brief idea of photography. Photography workshops are also providing a great experience and knowledge.

The people with lots of interest in photography start clicking pictures and make albums in any of the event. As a photographer you just need to know that you should click pictures with creative ideas. As such no particular training is required; passion and interest are more than enough.

Remember, there should be a “wow factor” in the photographs clicked by you. People will also appreciate and encourage you to become a Photographer. One should have an artistic ability, computer and business skills and should be a good communicator.

There are various career options, one can opt for as per their interest such as Nature and wildlife photography, Event photography, Still photography, Travel photography, fashion photography. Even one can do freelance photography for e.g. If someone is a nature freak and have the passion, then work for travel and geographic magazines or else one can work in events like wedding, family functions, etc.Some of photographers started their career as an assistant and now they are well known only for their photography skills

In this profile, salary is not the constraint, but initially at the starting phase of your career, one has to struggle to earn but later on definitely will be decided as per assignment allotted. Some might think this career is suitable, but maybe it’s not their cup, don’t get depressed other options are too available which can take you another height.

So as a photographer love your job, think, create your own shots and at the same time live your own passion

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