Which musical instruments are easiest to learn?

No doubt everyone is aware, what a musical instrument is? Still in short, one can say any instrument which has been made or invented to create or generate musical sound.

After getting a deeper knowledge about music I have found the below list of instruments which are easy to play. Many of them would seem new to you, but once you are well equipped with those instruments, then that instruments will speak as per your wish


Yes the name itself says it’s a triangle shaped instrument, and it is the easiest instrument one can play, as it is in a triangular shape its one side is open from the left which is made of steel rod. When someone strikes in different areas of the triangle different tones it struck on outer side for creating louder tones and is stacked inside for creating softer tones. Isn’t it easy to play? Well, it’s mostly used as a part of the orchestra since about 1710.

  1. Xylophone-

Xylophone has bars which are similar to a piano, but doesn’t appear like a piano, in this the bars are made up of wood and there is a long stick called mallets which are used to strike in the wooden bars to make sound. Xylophone is used in jingles, even some manufacturers make metal bars of the xylophone specially made for small children’s, so now you can think how easy xylophone is? It also has idophone which is tuned to a pitch of the musical scale.

  1. Comb buzzer-

Comb buzzer is one of the easiest instruments to play. It is not necessary to buy this instrument as one can make it, yes, it is possible, just need a comb and a tissue paper, and need to place the tissue over the comb and hum on it to make interesting sound even small kids can play this instrument.

  1. Ukulele-

A ukulele is a musical instrument which looks like a small guitar. The ukulele has four strings attached to it just like a guitar. From this instrument one learn the basic of it and so on can be mastered. It comes in different sizes; choose the one which suits the most.

  1. Autoharp-

Autoharp is one of the instruments with strings already attached and mostly used in folk music. In Autoharp strings which are attached, when pressed down plays a desired cord. We can say it is not complicated like other musical instrument and is very easy to play.

  1. Kazoo-

It’s a very small, simple and easy instrument to play. A kazoo is a small pipe which has a hole above it, this hole is covered by a thin cover and vibrates when someone blows its or says hums into the pipe by creating a buzzing sound.

  1. Flute-

A flute is a woodwind instrument mainly made up of wood or metal and consist of a tube with finger holes, It’s one of the easiest instruments to learn and very handy to carry.

  1. Drums-

Drums are the most popular and one of the easiest musical instruments to learn according to research, a person who is well known to the rhythm and has done master in it can play drums without putting much effort.

This is was a small list of the musical instruments which can be learned and played very easily with little effort, after learning these instruments one can very easily learn the other instruments as well.

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