Makeup artist career in India?

God has made so many beautiful things, one of them is “marvelous human beauty”. Beauty is admired, appreciated, honored, respected and easily captures attention. If beauty is accompanied with makeup, expression of other people changes and complements are all yours. Makeup artist makes that beauty more adorable by using their skills and attributes

Nowadays in India, fashion trends are on a high verge that made beauty more and more viable and sensational. A makeup artist has proven their best to match up with the fashion. In film industry every artist is conscious about their look, that is understood, but now even housewives, college students are also more conscious.

In cinema and television, artists depend upon more upon on makeup artists, because this person gave them the perfect look as per the need and requirement of the particular show or shot. People might have seen a shooting of some scenes, after every shot actor or actress need a touch up.

Make up modifies a person a lot in a way sometimes we can identify the people just because of the charm on their face

So,  if anyone willing to pursue a career in this field, great opportunity to grow in this field. One has to think before pursuing as a career because for everyone this career may not be reliable and worth. It depends upon the strong imagination, understanding, research and hard work.

Makeup artists are required in glamour industry i.e. films, theatres, television. They are the professional artist where they prepare the individuals to perform in front of the camera or at live shows.

They are only specialized as a makeup artists and not provide any ancillary services such as Medicure, pedicure, etc.. Even this artist is so talented that they can prepare mask of faces, aren’t they really great? A make up artists’ studies everything about the course which has prescribed for them, but they specialize only in the field of cosmetics to be applied on faces by using certain products which look them better.

Make up artists are also of two types. Fashion artists and film make up artists. Fashion artists work to create a certain look; they focus more on lip shape or cheekbones, whereas film make up artists enhances the actor’s profession in a film, which makes make them look good and eye catching. Overall look is being changed.

There are many pictures of various actors /actress without make up which are uploaded on the internet, which makes us feel, are they really the same?

The actor needs the makeup expert because those people can only give them the desired look. A makeup artist has to do thorough research upon what the performer is playing the character and apply the makeup as per the script character. It needs beautiful imagination and creativity. A single makeup artist has to apply makeup on different people as per the role for e.g. makeup artist has to know and understand very well about the negative roles and the lead role, they take care about every minute scar on the face.

Earlier makeup artist were limited only to the film industry, but in today’s scenario, for every special event such as weddings, ceremonies people here makeup artists. Beauty parlors, ad agency also hire makeup artists at handsome packages. A talented makeup artists are demanded everywhere because of their accuracy in their work.

As a career, it’s a great thing to do it, but need much of dedication, imagination and effort that took extra efforts in a smart way. In India, this sector is growing from past years and it will flourish exponentially because without makeup artists, the film industry would be no where!


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