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Everyone has a favorite actor from a list of actors, the reason of them being ones favorite actor is combination of many qualities and talent which we wish to see in our self, frankly speaking. Having a life full of glamour and thousands of fans and followers, Do you think, it’s really easy?

Generously, it is not that easy to live as we think.

Living a normal human being life we have to deal with many things and stay tuned to keep going, similarly an acting being a profession, a job and it’s a means to earning for an actor, soit is quite necessary to deal with many things in their daily life, it’s not only acting they have to do but many more activities as mentioned below

  1. Has to be an early bird:

People have misconceptions that the life of an actor is full of comforts, but they have to be an early bird as most of the shooting are scheduled in mornings. Being a Superstar too they have to get up early and get ready to shoot.

  1. Have to be ‘Fitness freak’:

Fitness is the most as it acts as an asset to an actor the body of the actor should be fit in all terms so that it can be one way to stay tuned and carry on work in all situations, one can become fit by going to the gym and hiring a trainer for the same. They need to have a perfect diet for perfect body shape. Being just fit with the body is not enough most of the actor / actress have taken up as a main focus to be fit mentally as yoga is a way of making your mind feel relaxed.

  1. Acts as a role model:

As there are a huge number of fans of actors these fans follow their role model blindly and walk in the paths suggested by their favorite stars as they are the role models it becomes a big responsibility to behave in a good way and to spread social messages and  never to give any wrong message as they will be followed by their fans too.

  1. Personal life is no more personal:

After becoming a star, a role model one who is loved by thousands of people their personal life is no more personal. Everyone wants to know what you wear, what you eat, whom you hate, whom you love, whom you date, who will be your life partner everything about you is socialized publicly. Your joy, your sadness, your anger is not treated to be normal like other humans. Many controversies are created in all your moves and steps taken mostly a simple mistake are showcased as if you have done a huge mistake of life.

  1. Have to give auditions regularly:

Even after being famous you have to give auditions regularly to get good opportunity and a good film that would add up to your career.

  1. Have to deal with transition:

Yes the actors are separate individual than the role they play in movies. They only act as to be the one and to be perfect since they have to understand each and every aspect of the character, his feelings, his thinking the style of the character and have to get involved and adapt all the things and give out a best performance. Some of the best example can be taken from the movie like “Ghajini” in which Aamir Khan has undergone a physical transition as per the demand of the role. The actors have to live two lives, one of the characters which they play on screen and other their own life off screen and have to face such transition daily. Sometimes it becomes difficult to overcome such transitions, especially if you are a well known star you have to be best at any cost.

  1. Struggle to survive:

Even after being famous one has to struggle to survive and to be in the race. You should be very much updated about the new director their upcoming projects and also should be aware of the new faces of the industry so that they can mold themselves as per the requirement

The life of an actor is an ongoing phase and he learns new things from daily experiences since there is no limit in acting and an actor too is limitless in his possibilities playing different role of different characters in different languages in a perfect way.

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