Learn Dance with SIX Super Easy steps ?

First thing First, Remember the fact, not everybody can dance well but most of them can.

If you want to learn how to dance, you first have to enjoy dancing no matter what style you pick. It’s ok to get inspired by good dancers but never every try to copy them. Develop your own style. “Nobody wants to see Michael Jackson in You”

Let’s get to the point, and see how.

Put on your favorite beats, Sit on a comfortable chair, close your eyes and get your groove on, move your body gently without lifting the feet off the ground, absorb the rhythm in your mind and enjoy the movement for around 3 minutes.

Now, while you are still on the chair imagine yourself on a stage with your dancing shoes on. In your imagination try your first move for 60 seconds, and then gradually move on to step two & three without rushing to finish the first.

Practice your dance steps in your imagination for 30 minutes a day.

“Keep your body and mind relaxed all the time”.

The moves that you try appear easy in your imaginations may become extremely difficult when you attempt to do it practically. “So, what do you do ?”
  1. Breakdown the difficult step into several portions such that each individual portion becomes easy for you to practice & perform.
  2. Practice each portion until it becomes easy and comfortable.
  3. Don’t repeat the same portion again & again until it becomes boring. Keep adding other (any interesting) steps into that portion to make it interesting.
  4. Patiently cover the entire portion one by one and remember not to hurry. Nobody is sitting out there with a stop watch running, You don’t have to prove anyone how good or bad you are.
  5. Club each portions together only once all the portion of a dance step becomes comfortably and starts coming naturally.
  6. Now practice them again on low tempo and only increase the tempo gradually once you feel comfortable.
No Dancer in the world could ever impress every single one on this earth, so enjoy the moment, Dance for Joy. “Dance to express, not impress”
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