Know about Folk Dances of Uttar Pradesh

Folk dances of Uttar Pradesh represent the state cultural attitude and show the gratitude. The dance forms of Utter Pradesh basically represent the mythological stories of history; it is being a very unique idea of presenting those beautiful scriptures in front of us.

Raslila, Ramlila, Khayal, Nautanki, Naqaal, Swang, Dadra and the Charkula Dance are the folk dances of Uttar Pradesh which are mentioned below

  1. Raslila Dance

The name itself suggests what the dance form would represent, in this dance form it shows the young, small Lord Krishna’s activities which used to do it cunningly in those days and also how the relationship with Radha was? This dance form originates from the Braj area of Uttar Pradesh, basically the state also named as Braj Raslila. Though it is the folk dance of Uttar Pradesh, it is performed in India in mostly in all states.

  1. Ramlila Dance

This dance form represents the life of the Lord Rama, basically all the stories of the Ayodha is being depicted in this Ramlila Dance and most important show of this dance is when they play the role of victory of  Ram over Ravana.. This is a well known dance form and is the traditional dance art of the Uttar Pradesh.

  1. Khayal Dance

Earlier this dance form was the only Prime dance of the Uttar Pradesh but later on it was considered as the folk dance of the Uttar Pradesh. In this dance form there are various styles, arts, etc as per the city and the community. Some of them are Khyals are Jaipuri Khyal, the Abhinaya Khyal, Gadhaspa Khyal, and AliBaksh Khyal. This dance from creatively present the mythological stories of the Puranas and explore them in a beautiful manner. Not only this, they also perform along with the instruments like dholak drum, cymbals and harmonium.

  1. Nautanki Dance

This dance form usually performed on the streets or roads in front of the people and is more popular in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. This tradition is being followed from the generations and most people of these troops are illiterate. The performers of the dance form are families who make this group and perform.

  1. Naqaal Dance

This is most enjoyable and entertaining dance shows than any other because it doesn’t perform on the history, but it shows the story of the common man, i.e.the day to day life of a person ,struggle etc which are performed in a sarcastic way.

  1. Swang Dance
    This dance group performson the life of the great personalities, and the performance is basically top level which cannot be competed by any one. Most popular shows are Puran Nath Jogi, Gopi NathWe can say that Swang dance form portray the acts of sacrifices.
  1. Dadra Dance

This is also the folk dance of the Uttar Pradesh, which represent the unique and creative style in each and every performance .The play back singers have a scope in the dance form because these singers support them in the dance.

  1. Charkula Dance

This dance is performed by the Brahman Community, Mathura District. This dance performance is well known mostly for the presenting the birth of Radha in their dance form, and most probably in every dance they depict the stories of the Radha.

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