Some interesting facts about Kishore Kumar the legendary singer

Kishore Kumar was a legend and is obviously known to everyone due to his unbeatable contributions in singing along with acting in Indian cinema.

Some of the interesting facts of Kishore Kumar are as follows:

  1. Not trained professionally:

Yes, this may shock you, but it’s really true that a singing legend was not trained professionally actually he has got a chance to put his steps in film industry due to his elder brother named Ashok Kumar as he was well known to the industry, Kishore Kumar did not struggle like other playback Singers.

  1. Born in a Bengali family:

Kishore Kumar was born in a Bengali family in Khandwa [Madhya Pradesh]. His father was a lawyer named Kunjilal and mother was a housewife Gauridevi.

  1. Original Name:

His was named as Abhas Kumar ganguly by his parents, yes, this was his real name, after getting an entry in the film industry he was called as Kishore Kumar

  1. Start of career:

Kishore Kumar started his career by first being a part of chorus singers from Bombay talkies along with his brother Ashok.

  1. First movie:

Kishore Kumar has got his first role in the year 1946 in the movie named “Shikari”, he was only 17 at that time, quite unbelievable.

  1. Shifted to bombay:

In the year 1949 he moved to Bombay, we all know that Bombay is a place where the Hindu film industry is situated and is the center of the film industry, so he got lot of offers as a singer and also as an actor.

  1. Married Four times:

Besides being a good singer and actor, he too had a personal life he married four women’s but had kids with only two of them.His first wife was a Bengali , her name was Ruma Guha Thakurta she was also a singer they both tied the knot in the year 1951 and got separated in the year 1958. They had a son named Amit Kumar. Later in the year 1960 he married an actor named Madhubala as they both fall in love after working together in films. There was an opposition from Ashok Kumar family as she belongs to Muslim community and Kishore kumar families were Hindu but he still got married with her, Madhubala was diagnosed with a severe heart problem and was told by doctors that she will not survive more, in the year 1969 she died.

In 1976 he got married in Yogeeta Bali ,his third wife she too was a film actress this marriage also lasted only for two years in the year 1978 they got separated. Then he got married to his fourth wife Leena Chandavarkar from 1980 until his death. Kishore Kumar has two sons, Amit Kumar (playback singer) with Ruma, and Sumit Kumar with Leena Chandavarkar.

  1. Hit movies:

Some of the hit movies of kishore Kumar are as follows:

  • Chalti ka naam gadi
  • New Delhi
  • Man- mauji
  • Half ticket
  • Naukari and many more.
  1. Awards:

Kishore Kumar has won many awards like “Lata Mangeshkar Award” by the Madhya Pradesh government and then, the Madhya Pradesh Government initiated a new award called the “Kishore Kumar Award”for his tremendous contribution in Hindi cinema.

  1. Bad phase of his career:

Kishore Kumar faced a bad phase when One time Sanjay Gandhi asked Kishore to sing for a congress rally in Bombay, Kishore refused, this refusal to perform in rally affected his career , his songs were banned by All India Radio and Doordarshan.

  1. End of life:

In the year 1987 he took his last breath on 13 October when he got a third stroke of heart attack, at the age of 58.

His life was ended, but his glory, his fame all the hit songs and movies are still alive in the hearts of people and surely no one else can take his place no one else can become a versatile singer and actor like him, he was a legend and no one can replace him.

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