Should I become an actor, because I think I love acting?

Yes, you can become an actor; in fact you are already an actor.  Look at yourself, you may have lied so many times to your friends and family and no one caught you yet? So, what does that really mean? It means you not just an actor but you are really good at it.

The difference between you and the one you see in the movie is, you are a real life actor and he is by profession.

So If I ask you, can you be an actor? You answer should be “YES” I am already.

Now that you know, you are so good in lying that you use expressions, make different faces, use body language to make it look real and your friends or family get convinced. You may have done this so many times in the past and you did not get caught even once. So some day you may sit alone and tell yourself “WOW” I am so good at it, should I make acting my profession?   Well!! Ummm.  You can.

You watch celebrity performing in movie and at times you say to yourself, I would have done that scene better then him or her. Why is this actor so rich and famous? I can be rich and famous too … I should learn acting and make it my profession. If this person can do it I can do it too ….

The question you should be asking yourself is “WHY” ?  What do you want to make it a profession?

Is your goal to make lot of money? Or your goal is to be famous?

Remember, not all good actors make good money or become famous.

I have seen many local and street dramas.  I have seen many street actors’ performing live in shopping malls and public places and many times I have said to myself WOW these guys are better than some really famous movie stars.

Are these street actors making money or getting recognition. YES they are. They get money from their local audiences and applause from those audiences at the end of the show.

Let me put it in other way, are these street actors making money or getting recognition when compared it with movie stars? I think you may agree that THEY ARE NOT.

Now what does that tell you? Let’s move a step back.

Let me ask you again, do you want to be an actor ? You may say YES, but you want to be an actor with some expectation in mind. You may want to be rich and famous just like a movie star.

You may not want to be a street actor.  Ask yourself, why not?  If you claim you love acting they why not a street actor?

If I say, you would stay a street actor throughout your life and would never make it into a big commercial movies or any TV serial.  Will you still want to be an actor and claim that you still love acting? If you answer is YES you really love acting and if your answer is the opposite then you love something else.

Do you know there are thousands of good actors out there to get into movies, by hook or crook. You are just one among them.   Very few make it.

Remember, good acting does not necessarily make it into big commercial movies. You may stay a street actor thru out your life.

Let me ask you a question. Do you still want to become an actor by profession? Or do you wish continue act in real life and take something you really love and make it a profession.

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