How to select the right dance school?

OK, Remove this MYTH from your mind that only a dance school can make me a dancer.

A dance school can teach you techniques but may not be able to develop the passion you lack.

Unless you have the passion to dance, I would recommend not joining any dance academy. However, if you do have the passion and you are looking for the right dance school, considers the point below.

  1. The most important is to know who will be training you, check his credential. Some institutes are opened by famous celebrate dancers but the trainings are provided by someone incompetent.
  2. Avoid joining Dance school which has space constrain. Dance school should have enough space available for their students to move around and avoid dashing the person standing beside
  3. You should calculate an approximately number of person who could dance on the floor at a time and confirm the same with school authorities beforehand. Overcrowded is not recommended.
  4. Avoid joining school who keeps adding new student to the same time slot making old students wait until the new student catch up.
  5. Some school keep adding new students to the same batch and ask them to sit and watch old students dance and seldom ask them to join for initial couple of months.
  6. Remember to check if the dance school has facilities such as first aid kits, clean drinking water facility, Lockers to keep belongings safe, clean washroom, Changing room, proper air circulation with good ventilation and exhaust to flush out stale air.
  7. Ensure strict rules are in place to carry important stuffs like napkins, shoes, water bottles, bags.
  8. Most important, talk to couple of their old students separately and get their feedback instead of asking the school authorities about the school training.
  9. Ask for free introductory classes and tell them you would like to see how trainings are conducted.
  10. Once you are satisfied with the introductory classes, confirm if it would continue the same way daily.
  11. Do not join dance school only because it’s closer to your residence, travelling little far daily to join a good dance school is better is than compromising on quality.
  12. Don’t get attracted to discounts and offers.
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