How to select the best dance that suits you ?

First you need to know what form of dance you love to do. There are hundreds of dance types around the world but you may not like all of them. You may want to select one out of some famous dance like ballet, tap, Salsa, belly, break, classical , folk, traditional, hip-hop , Bollywood ..Etc. …

Dive into the history of dances. It may inspire you to choose one.

“Chose the one you like and not what others want you to like”

  1. Understand what styles you need to explore.Each style has its own look & feel. For Example, the quick beats of break dancing are very different from the long graceful moves of classical dancing or the edgy movements of hip-hop.
  2. Start watching dance videos online.Try watching different videos to understand the basics of different styles of dance.
  3. Watch professional dancers performing live on stage whenever possible: Watching in person provides a different experience than watching a video. It boosts you up in the performance. If you notice what inspires you in their movement, it may help you decide what you want to choose.
  4. Read Dance books.Books & Magazines describe the basics of dancing, so they give you an idea of what you should choose and why.
  5. Know your limitations: If you are obese, it may not be a good idea to go for classical ballet, break or belly dance. When you research dances, make sure you study your body well and understand its placements. See which ones you think you can do well and look presentable too. Always bear in mind, that you are learning and learning is a continues process. You can and will develop greater flexibility with dedication regular practice.
  6. One at a time.You can always branch out later, start with one type of dance first. Focus on learning one type of dancing before you move on to other.
  7. Ask Opinion: If you are confused between couple of dance form and not sure which one to choose. Preform and ask for opinion from your close friends, see which move gives you the maximum WOW’S. So, now you know what to choose and why?

I hope this blog may help you given you some direction on How to select the best dance that suits you. 

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