Should you think of taking film editing courses, Is film editing a good career in India ?

Should you think of going for a film editing courses in India ?

Is editing a good or bad career ? I feel this particular question is just about one’s perception and realization.

We all have heard about this answer “the glass is half empty “or “the glass is half full” Correct! Nobody’s views are wrong, it’s just their way of looking at things, and we are nobody to question them.

So, what is film editing? if you are thinking to consider film editing as your career, You should know if film editing courses in India would fetch you what you looking for. Will it earn you the name and fame you looking for. There are many film Editing courses in Mumbai and other parts of India. Before you think of considering editing course understand it thoroughly.

Well, film editing is a long process where WIP (Work in progress) or raw footage is converted into finished motion picture. In simple word film editing is stringing scene together in a sequence.

After the movie is being shot, the effect, the essence, the clarity is being added to make the movie to make more presentable and worthy , that is called ART. Director hand over the unsequential scene to the film editor which he has to arrange in a chronological order by deleting some scenes or by giving certain effects to it. Earlier editing was simpler, but now it has not remained the same and also when this industry came into existence, film editing was not part of it because the film used to just go on till the role of the camera is not over.


Nowadays, people are knowledgeable and they want things customized, so the need arises and eventually it’s a want. Without film editing the people will not be able to connect with the film. Sound, Music, visual effects, audio effects is most important, but actually film editing is good and it causes no disturbances for the viewers that should be seen and felt in the viewer’s eyes.

The word “CUT” which is used by the director which separates each shot due to which continuity of the film is hampered, since there are so many discontinuous small scenes which may or may not be relevant so the film can’t be released even after everything done the producers can’t release, Poor Producers, here comes film editors into existence.

Film editor has to sit for too long hours with directors and producers to keep a check with them, which scene are to be kept and which are to be deleted. Sound, emotions should be matched with the scenes and the dialogues otherwise interest in watching that particular film won’t arise. Even though you have worked on it a lot everything will just go on a toss.

Today there are so many opportunities, if somebody is interested in film editing and film industry, then why not.


We all have gone to the restaurant and when the waiter serves the dish seems to be so delicious, it is just because the chef garnished and makes the food presentable, the same goes with film editing.

If you can garnish add flavors, very well, Go ahead…

Earlier these processes were too tiring and long but with the advanced techniques and technologies have changed certain things, but remember sometimes you have to work alone for long hours to complete the given assignment, don’t worry about it, work. Your work will be appreciated sooner or later.

Nobody learns in a womb, everybody has to make their own way.If you are confident and committed both about your career, dream, then surely this is your cup of tea, just have it and say “WOW”.

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