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Dance is an art which can be learnt but from within what comes is called an inbond talent and with that unique expressions, dance forms are carried ahead, which when seen they can be called as world class dancers and their dancing.

Famous dance styles in the world are listed below:

  1. Tap Dance

This dance style is evolved in 1800’s; in this basically tapping sounds are generated when people perform this dance. No one could believe, but yes! Special shoes are available to perform this unique kind of dance and specialty of this shoe is the metal plates are attached at the bottom of the shoes to ensure the same tapping sound is created and the shoes are tapped on a hard surface to create a similar kind of sound which is necessary.

  1. Yangko Dance

This dance style is a folk dance of China, Han Chinese and is considered as a vital part in their tradition. This dance particularly includes rhythmically moving backward and forward along with the waist and the hip to match up with the music. From last one thousand years this dance form is performed in the lantern festival.

  1. Belly Dance

It is an Arabic dance, but it has footprints in the Middle East which nowadays people follow. In every dance form which is being performed belly dance is the part of it. In this every part of the body is involved, but hips play an important role. Best example of belly dance is “The Shakira”.

  1. Kathak

It is a dance form which beautifully describes the story in their dance and of course expression plays a vital role in it. Its name itself says the meaning of this peculiar dance form i.e. story telling which is obviously an art so if someone can express in the dance form it is quite unique. Madhuri dixit is known for the Kathak performance.

  1. Ballet

This dance is being followed from the 15th century, in Russia and France. This dance form is quite difficult and particular sessions are being conducted to teach the students. Many institutions are being specialized in this dance form so that they can teach well and mostly involve the acrobatic movements in the dance which needs to be learned from a specialized trainer only.

  1. Salsa

This dance is basically performed with the help of the partners, they may perform solo, but particularly partners are required, in normal language one can say it is a couple dance which incorporates and provides all the romantic and emotional effects to the dance. This dance form is performed throughout the world.

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