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I am sure that the word “casting couch” is not new to anyone as it is very famous among all as it has actually become a trend in B- town. In simple words, casting couch refers to asking for sexual flavors in exchange of a role in Movie, TV Serial or Advertisements.

It cannot be proved, but surely can be traced by various incidents that casting couch is still in demand no matter how advanced we are or how open minded we are. To get a role you are asked to make compromises and put yourself in such a difficult situation that you would lose your respect and self-confidence.

It’s not certain that if you compromise and fulfil the sexual advances made by film directors or other powerful persons in the industry will lead you to success.

One of the very strong reasons for the increase in the casting couch is the surplus of supply with regards to the demand. It basically means that requirements are less as compared to the demand, in such situation if you appear desperate for a role, you may give out impression that you may compromise. Most of such casting couch hasn’t come out as people hardly open up with their casting experiences.

There are several incidents where casting couch came out and had taken place with few of the well-known actors, some are as noted below:

The most shocking one are the casting couch experience with these well-known actors

1. Ranveer Singh: It was the time when the actor ranveer Singh was struggling at that time a coordinator has called him for an audition and the three men has asked him directly for sexual favors they were using words like “tu to bada sexy hair”. Ranveer rushed out from that audition and then tried to find out who was the coordinator, nobody knew this coordinator. One of Ranvier’s friends told him that such incidents keep on happening in coffee shops where boys or girls are asked to come in washrooms.

2.   Even well-known actress Trisha Chopra has come out telling a casting couch incident with her. She said that she came across the       bluff of filmmakers who have such wrong intentions, from where she escaped by cutting their cunning plans by somehow managing the situation. She said she is much more capable and can achieve things on her own.

3. The well-known TV anchor ‘Ayushman Khurana’ too has faced the casting couch and has recently spoken about it. He said that when he was trying to get into the film industry, he has also gone through the situation, initially when he was part of the industry. He used to work as a TV anchor, so a casting director directly told him that I would have to do it (sexual favors) so he replied that, if he was not straight, he surely might have given it a thought, but he can’t do.

4.  Israeli model and Bollywood straggler Rina Golan alleges casting couch in the Mumbai film industry.

Pointing out that the casting couch was very much a reality, Rina said it was surprising that people reacted with disbelief whenever the subject was mentioned.

The model, who says she has been struggling since 2007 to gain a foothold in Bollywood, insists she “never agreed to take the short cuts” that could have earned her the break she sought.

Without mincing any words, Rina recalls how Subhash Ghai tried to take her to his bedroom. She then talks about the time Anees Bazmee asked her out to dinner when she approached him for a role in his movie Thank You. “We would have some fun,”he had told her.

Not only this, according to her, Anoop Jalota once told her that he “wants to cheat on his wife”.

Bazmee, Ghai and Jalota have all denied the allegations.

While Bazmee said he doesn’t even know Rina, the latter acknowledged she used to be a part of his music troupe but firmly refuted the claim that he had ever propositioned her.

It’s not only the female actors who face, but also the male actors have to take the bitter experience of being a part of casting couch as due to increase in gay casting directors. But remember, all you actually need to genuine talent and real hard work.

It’s not only the female actors who face, but also the male actors have to take the bitter experience of being a part of casting couch as due to increase in gay casting directors. But remember all you actually need to become famous through your talent and real struggle all this is going to pay you out actually.

The path of success may be hard, but if you have chosen it make it beautiful and full of enjoyment. Stay away from casting couch, Not all the casting directors are same, all you have to do is to find the real genuine casting director who is actually interested in making good film and looking for genuine talents. We would strongly recommend you to stay away from those who ask you for sexual flavors in exchange for a role in move, Add or TV serial, because it is very much possible that you give out everything you have and get absolutely nothing but some bitter memories that may haunt you as long as you live.

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