Disco Jockey Career in India

Hats off to the DJ’s, the amazing new breakthrough in music.

The disc jockey is internationally renowned and is the new world of entertainment, where people enjoy to their fullest. In today’s generation it is termed as “DJ” or “Deejay”.

In earlier times, music was recorded in the system which disc shapes, that is why they known as Disc jockey. The charm of the DJs in the life of the people has sustained and in the near future it will flourish.

DJs are those who add some extraordinary sound, some special effects to the original song and also playing a mix of recorded song for the audience. Most of DJ work in night hours and are responsible to maintain the decorum and momentum of the auditorium /clubs/parties etc.

Performance wise their work is unique, extraordinary and transparent. They are hired for special occasions at special venues such as weddings, engagements, lavish parties, festivals, ceremonies and other social gatherings. Nowadays for all functions people prefer DJ services. DJ people are simply good.

DJs mix and merge the various songs to make mash up, in order to do this they should take care of the lyrics and also they comment on a popular music in between to grab the attention of the audience. DJs have a great sense of humor, depending upon the occasion the nature and the style of the music is altered .Most of the time DJ has to work alone and has to rock alone by giving best collections of music.

Some may have a profound question that the task performed by them is really easy, but it’s too difficult to handle the crowd and make them dance to the beats which are being played by them.

For some people DJ s acts as a drug, just because they are so addicted. With the touch and DJ essence the music reaches to another higher level.DJ energies yourself as well as the audience, it awakens the senses and refreshes the mood, ultimately brings out the best. The secret of being a successful DJ is that you must be aware how to mix and match the music as per choice and preferences of the people.

As such no formal training or major degrees are required. But an aspirant of the DJ can opt the degree in broadcasting i.e. Entertainment and media management, Visual and performance Arts, to enhance the skills. Good voice, charismatic personality, in-depth knowledge of the music is necessary to become a DJ. How auctioneers sell their property in the middle of so many people, in a same manner people has to sell their art in front of the audience.

Worth Pursuing DJ as a career because DJ enjoy, have fun and earn handsome money.

It is always being said beauty with brain, would like to replace the other of them beauty or brain with Music. It sounds good “Music with Beauty” or “Brain with Music”… and it defines what a DJ is! It is viable career and you make good money in a shorter span of time. It’s not that tough, but one must be aware about the global trends, have sense of humor and ability to understand, what exactly crowd needs?.As a DJ, you will learn more about cueing, equalizing, audio-mixing, beat matching, scratching and beat juggling.

Due to its popularity and demand in India, DJ courses have been opened to learn and enjoy life with music and in music.

Take a right step, in a right way towards your career.

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