What are the different types of Indian songs?

Indian Songs are at a peak from many, many generations as everybody knows India is a diversified country i.e. so many states and every state has different languages, thus this gives rise to different types of Indian songs in the industry. India has achieved a significant name in the field of Music.

In every song, there is a specialty which one can easily identify, basically songs depends the music how one executes the lyrics?

Below section  is a summary overview of the types or varieties ranks of Indian music  that are typically heard in India, the most commonly used and the resulting  into success lies in music deliveries.

  1. Indian classical song:

This is basically a traditional music which provides complete in depth, melody. It is further classified into north Indian tradition and South Indian traditions. Normally this song identifies the state from which it is being sung. Normally they are called as Hindustani song or Carnatic song, because it is mostly associated with the southern part only. Indian classical music describes the culture of India.

  1. Pop Song:

Earlier this song was mostly heard outside the India, but nowadays, everything in India is dominating. Pop songs are basically made for the youth generation which includes contemporary lyrics in it. Pop songs majority believes in the music technology.

  1. Rock Song:

This music is most common and evenly played by the small age groups. It needs various instruments to play this song such as drums, keyboards, etc. They need to synchronic all the instruments along with the song.

  1. Metal song :

One could wonder what does this metal song would mean. It is actually harder and louder than the rock song because it needs quite energy to sing this type of song. This type of song is mostly used for making the mashup of any song because it, primarily concentrates only on the music. The song may be whatever, but one can make that song as the metal song with the extreme help of music.

  1. Country song:

This type of songs is mostly solos because they traditional instruments and they deliver of the song is clear, clear and outstanding. This type of song is quite pleasing to the ears.

  1. Hip Hop :

Nowadays, if we see this generation, honey Singhand Badshah have totally changed the scenario, everybody is interested in rap and hip hop song. In this type the peculiarity of the song is the singer only focus on the lyrics and does the rap in a flamboyant manner.

  1. Love songs:

Last but not the least, because love songs who sing, they focus not only on the feeling and emotions behind that particular lyric, but also try to connect with the audience. This song is evenly heard in marriage events and marriages

  1. Ghazal songs:

From an early era this industry has a huge craze of gases, which still its presence makes a difference and this is a very unique style of song. It is a representation of pain, love, sorrow, beauty, etc. In today’s time, some people even specialize in this type of song.

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