What is the difference between dubbing and voice over?


Dubbing is referred to translate the languages in the audio-visual video, but the original voice can’t be heard to the viewers, it matches so perfectly that a person cannot come to know that where this is a dub movie. Various examples of dubbed movie such as Aadhavan, Kadhalan, Puthukavithai etc.Even Hollywood movies are dubbed in Hindi such as The Dark Knight, The Godfather, etc. so that people of India can watch and enjoy the movie to the fullest

Voice over

Voice over is referred as a person plays a character in the background, but it is seen to the viewers, this is generally done to make the people understand and connect with the particular show. Normally this voice over artists can be found in shows, documentaries etc.

If we say both are made for the people and by the people, but there are lots of differences which are mentioned below

Major differences:-

  1. Dubbing follows the regulatory mandates that require for a specified shot or movie produced, whereas the voice over artist plays a role of a background artist on the stage so that the link should not be broken.
  1. Dubbing provides a full overview of the movie and related best practices, which are summarized before an actor starts dubbing while a voice over artists are just briefedbefore the show and accordingly he has to translate.
  1. Dubbing is basically giving the peculiar voice which is being synchronized with thelips movements, no mistake is accepted in dubbing otherwise one may not be able to connect with that particular moment, whereas the voice over artist stands in front of the viewers and translate the concept in the particular language in which they will be pleased.
  1. In Dubbing the actor gets a lot of time to understand,think and react which automatically suits the video whereas the voice over artists normally perform live and has to respond very quickly, so here presence of mind is mostly required in order to translate.
  1. Voice over artists give live performances which increases their skills and brings confident to behave and to present well in front of the audience while dubbing actors does not perform live,he takes his own time, so there are chances of lowering his self confidence if he faces the crowd.
  1. Ingeneral, if we say Dubbing is used in the movies because it maintains the flow amongst the viewers, but in voice over artist the people may loose to grasp the certain thing since there might be a possibility of some disturbance.

Voice over and Dubbing both are two sides of a same coin, but both varies in its functionality.

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