Difference between dubbing and subtitling?

Dubbing and subtitling both are used to translate or alter the audio of the particular video according to the approach in movies, shows, commercials, videos etc.

But if we say about Subtitling is totally different from the Dubbing though it translates but it doesn’t require any specific person to do it. You might have seen the dialogues are displayed in Hindi or English or regional languages at the bottom of the TV screen, that are called as Subtitling whereas Dubbing is translating the audio of the visuals synchronizing with each segment.

Major Differences:

  1. Dubbing involves manyprocesses and especially an artist is required to do dubbing whereas Subtitling is just displaying the content, so subtitling is cheaper and cost effective than the Dubbing.
  1. If we see most actors doesn’t want to dub their movies as you know their voice is been changed, their identity is being lost, so they prefer subtitling in order to avoid any confusion and maintain their rectitude in their voice
  1. But we can say that Subtitling process is more complicated than the Dubbing process because one has to work on the system, and can only arranges 32-35  characters in a two line including the spaces which has to be followed by the dialogues, so it becomes difficult for the technician to deal with it and may be a tedious process..
  1. Some people just understand that the subtitling is more legitimate because the original voice still remains, which makes the character easily identifiable whereas dubbing makes the character to lose its identity, if he himself hears it, he will be confused
  1. Subtitling is done for everybody to understand, mostly doesn’t favor any regional language, whereas dubbing favors the regional language and purposefully it is made for those particular regional languages.
  1. Subtitling and Dubbing is totally different from each another, though the work performed by both them remains the same, it hardly affects the soul of the movie.
  1. Some times actor do have a problem when some director tells to dub their movies from somebody else, but no choice, because they have think on the final outcome while actors easily agree for subtitling, as they maintain their pace and integrity in that particular show or movie.

One thing everyone should realize, though this film and entertainment industry works only for productivity and for the end result that is a box office success, but viewers should also understand that dubbing, subtitling are basically done only for them, just for their entertainment purposes and  the work performed by both of them is marvelous.

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