Difference between cinematography and photography

Cinematography and photography is the art of motion picture, connected with emotions. Though there is a huge difference in both of them, but both play a vital role.

The cinematography is any motion picture, basically a movie i.e. the art of making movies while photography is an art of capturing and producing photos, but both needs to be presented in a flamboyant manner.

The cinematography is where all the characters are playing their role as per the script which depicts all the emotions, i.e. happiness, sadness, enjoyment, etc whereas photography is clicking the snaps nowadays motion are also included into that image. Cinematography and photographer both deals with people where a director or a photographer has to take different shots or a retake if necessary.

A photograph which is used in advertising and agency publications are often mixed with graphics and text, cropped layered, half toned etc. and then it is presented, but motion pictures i.e. cinematography in a movie is usually presented in full frame. In today’s scenario both have equal importance in the society because people like photography as well as cinema.

Photographs are nowadays only clicked by the professional photographers, They are not only hired at the marketing campaigns or events or producing and promoting add events but also at party or family function, weddings, etc for clicking photographs

Just in one click all emotions are captured “Memory for lifetime!!!” Photos are a remembrance of someone or it promotes the particular brand but cinema is basically a movie wherein a message passed by director to people. It gives us a clear idea about the role that person is playing and sometimes we actually think it’s just a replica of our routine life. Basically a message is conveyed to us through a medium depending upon the type of the movie for e.g. Comedy, suspense, family or some true stories. So when we watch them, we have a lesson in our mind. Children often like cinema because nowadays there are so many animated cartoon movies such as jungle books, Chota Bheem etc..Children really love to watch them.

Photography attracts fashion, tourism and advertising, etc. Even some people specialize in fashion photography wherein they are in charge of clicking pictures of models to highlight more the designer costumes and accessories than their looks and beauty. To promote tourism of particular place add campaigns, attractive brochures are being designed this won’t be possible without photography.

Photography is completed in just a single shot where the cinematography has to deal with various shots and needs to be collaborated at the end .Photography work is performed by the single person, whereas the cinematography is performed by various people i.e. director, actor, film editor, etc.

The cinematography is the art of film making. Cinema is like a mirror which reflects our life, our feelings, and our thoughts. The way we dress and cut our hair, the way we talk and act, the things we believe or doubts all these aspects of our lives are shaped by films. Cinema gives us informative knowledge, whereas photography means to be perfect all the time and ready for the shoot.

Distinguishing between cinema and movie is a difficult task because both go hand in hand and its interrelated to each other. Both of them can be remembered and emotions are also attached to it and nowadays people also love photography as well as cinema. If we see people, don’t miss any movies, they watch and enjoy it. The same goes with photography people are to click snaps or photograph with family, friends, couples wherever possible.

Difference between cinematography and photography

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