Are you considering a Career in Special effects?

Career is simply a 5 letter word, but it makes a lot of sense. This 5 letter word makes your life and decides the journey of the life.

In film and entertainment industry special effects are obviously special and gift to the industry. To become a hardcore professional special effect it requires a lot of pain, passion towards the decided goal. One should be focused because a dissonant person cannot earn and learn in this field.

Anyone pursuing the career in special effects one should go through the George Melies contribution towards the special effects, his passion, his journey, in film making.

George Melies was the person who learned and taught the world about the special effects. George Melies was the person who did many wonders in this industry. After going through his contribution one will automatically understand whether they are ready for the changeling carrier or not?

Special effects are of two types, Mechanical and optical effects. These effects are applied physically and also even with the help of cameras. Mostly Special effects are applied in pre production. Special Effects are the initial stage of the film making. Special effects artists have to add very precisely so that viewers should not understand exactly. How it’s done?.

These people need to update themselves always, and should have the knowledge of camera angles from where to shoot. Good communication and presentation skills would be an added advantage for the aspirant

So many training institutes are available nowadays wherein one can learn and sharpen the skills. The special effect person has to create and supervise the special effects for pre production within the projected budget. One has to work closely with the directors and film making to understand the special effects i.e. what and where to apply? While doing or applying the special effects one has to take care of health and safety awareness.

Everything has a good and a bad side. Even this has its pros and cons. But its up to you, how to tackle and convert the threats to your strengths side.


  1. Work asan assistant and contribute to the motion and film industry
  2. Learn and collaborate with other artists.
  3. Opportunity to travel along with the film directors
  4. Meeting with the new people to share about the ideas
  5. Work as freelancer


  1. A person with highexpertise, knowledge and ideas can survive in this filed
  2. Its highlycompetitive field.
  3. Work for longerhours may be day-night.
  4. Need to keep updating, altering, and modifying the work. no static work is accepted, one should be dynamic in terms of their work.
  5. No or less job security

A career in special effects!!! “It’s a very good decision” because Special effects will be a leading factor in film and entertainment industry. There is good scope in special effects, which will be in the film industry for years and decades. Special effects provide technically feasible solutions, which are economical and effective

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