What is CGI effects in movies?

The great innovation in the special effects is CGI i.e. Computer generated imaginary .Special effects development and advancement has given rise to CGI. It has naturally changed the whole concept of special effects. CGI play a powerful role in designing the structures and to stimulate the richness of the movie.

Some people say CGI is the application of the computer graphics. Both are one and the same, just another name for computer graphics is Computer Generated Imaginary.

In CGI effect, no image or visual shots are damaged because it deals in digital composting not analog composting. CGI effects provide technicians to maintain, control, elaborate and enhance the particular scene.

Computer graphics or CGI is manipulation and digitally synthezing the image only on computers. We can say that CGI is omnipresent because in this industry it has made a dominant place such as in weather reports, newspapers, television, commercials. With the help of CGI many graphical representations are also done to give broader and larger view about particular aspect.

Now 3D computer graphics are well known, but because of the user friendly platform 2D computer graphics are still used. CIG is mostly used in movies and can be easily identified.

Mostly special effects are applied in post production, so during pre-production every shot should be maintained and choreographed properly so CGI effects technician has to closely work with the directors and film makers to ensure the every shot is appropriate. They manipulate and alter the images and visuals. Even live CGI effects are used in sports events, corporate shows, etc.

With the help of CGI, they create so beautiful visuals and images that it seems realistic everything. Sometimes directors are also interested to give CGI effects as it enhances the clarity of the movie. They create monsters, creatures, buildings, etc., by seeing this all it really impresses us that technology is rapidly growing.

CGI is more controllable than any other special effects physically done because its control is in the hands and it gives high definition quality to the visuals. CGI is improved that it a single artist can do all the stuff without the use of any other people or props. CGI has made possible for those individual artists, small and medium scale industries to produce CGI effect movies, games and fine art.

Some action films with best CGI effects are The lord of the rings, The matrix series, Jurassic park if not watched this movie, watch it. Then what exactly CGI is? You will come to know.

Shrek movie is the best example of CGI effect. For CGI effect many software’s are available nowadays such as Maya, 3DS Max, ZBrush etc. but big companies uses proprietary software which are not available to others

In every movie, one or the other CGI effect is present. As this sector is not struggling, in future also we would be able to see the more unique CGI effects in the movie, cinema etc. Nevertheless, from the point of view of directors and technicians of special effect CGI has raised the level of cinematography. However, CGI requires a more systematic and comprehensive study supported by research and development.

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