Career as a Cartoon Voice-over Artist in India?

In India, each and every field is growing enormously and film industry is growing on a high verge. Nowadays it’s quite competitive to get into this industry and become a part of it. If anyone wants to pursue a career in the field of film industry, one has to be enormously dedicated towards the goal in order to achieve it.

If someone is thinking of pursuing a career, as a cartoon voice-over artist, one has to be more passionate about the work. Cartoon voice-over artist is a person who is mostly liked by the people from generations to generations, but now the craze has risen amongst the children, just because of that we have so many channels like Carton-Network, Pogo, Disney channel etc. where one can find whole day the series of cartoons.

Cartoon voice-over artist have peculiar voice qualities which is been liked by children, especially the Doremon and the Nobetta concept and the delivery of their voice quality have driven the children crazy.

And so the need of this people has also been increased.

Here the looks don’t matter, what matters is “the voice” which has to be a distinguished from the others and make you feel that “you are from that world itself”. It is very necessary to feel that carton in yourself because one has to cry, laugh, smile, shout etc. everything is delivered from that voice itself.

Unfortunately, it is not possible for everyone to become a cartoon voice-over artist because everyone in this world doesn’t have so much of the attitude and voice modification and modulation in their tone, so it becomes a quite difficult to survive as a voice-over artist.

There are various institutes who offer the courses where one can get trained and learn the skills and attributes required. One’s voice has to be modified as per the role and character demands, so in that creativity is required.

In India, earning for the cartoon voice-over artist is very low because of the budget of the animated films. So as per income wise it’s quite low, but who is passionate about the work as a cartoon over artists one can really go for it. Experience matters a lot in this career, as time passes, learning increases, one can earn easily 40000 per month

As a career, the profession is really outstanding which won’t be possible for everyone, So you are having something unique in yourself, but remember the desire towards this mission is most important.

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