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Film Making is an art. To produce a film you should be more creative & very passionate as it involves a story, ideas through scriptwriting, the way you cast the film, which location the shooting is done according to the scene, sound recording system and editing part. Since so many motions are involved in making one particular film or movie, after completing the film-making course, there are various streams one can enter as per your choice and interest.

  1. Cinematographer:

The cinematographer plays a crucial role in making a film because he is the one who is responsible for shooting the particular film, mostly cinematographer heads the camera and shooting departments. A director is reliable on the cinematographer because he exactly executes the film in the same way as the director directs the film.

  1. Script writer:

This concept is also taught in the film making course. You can write the script of the film if you are really very creative in writing and expressing the small gestures, expressions in that script and also if you are able to express the emotions on a paper than on a screen, no doubt you will rock.

  1. Director:

As film making course teaches the entire process of the film, i.e. pre-production to post production, so one can easily become a director, only if you able to express the script in front of the actors without any visuals or audios than hopefully you are the one can become a director. Remember to become a successful director you have to be a very good story teller.

  1. Film/video editor

Film making course also teaches the software’s and technology involved in the film making process, so obviously with the help of the technology knowledge you can easily become a film and video editor. Film and video editor has to arrange the raw footages or shots in a chronological manner and there is a quite possibility of working closely with the directors.

  1. Lighting technician, broadcasting/film/video

In this profile, there is much scope because lighting technician is the one who creates an environment for the particular shots and obvious it is appreciated by the audience. This technician is required in every television programs and obviously in the movies too.

  1. Location manager

You can also choose the profile of a location manager because once you are thorough with the script you can easily analyze and predict which place is the best for the shooting the movie. This is basically a little tough profile because it involves negotiating, arranging, scheduling and travelling because before suggesting any place you must have to check the availability of the place and that location actually suits for that particular shot.

  1. Programme researcher, broadcasting/film/video

The name of the profile itself clearly suggests the meaning. Yes, it’s a research kind of job where you need to hunt for the desired information and also you need to generate new ideas for that particular program. Basically, it involves a marketing ability to work in such kind of profile.

  1. Television/film/video producer:

Not the least, but you can also become a producer as it is an important role in the film industry. The producer works very closely with the directors, film makers, staff, cinematographers, etc. to execute the movie. This profile also includes making standard operating procedure to follow and to allocate the resources wherever necessary within an estimated budget.

What Can You Become After Finishing Filmmaking Course – Talent Bloggers

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