Who can become a Film Director?

It’s a question that you should ask yourself? If you think you can, then ask why you think you can?

  • Is it because you watch lot of movies and you think you can do too?
  • Is it b’coz you have a DSLR camera with you? Or you have enough money to buy one?
  • Is it because you can were a hat and sit under an umbrella and give out orders, just like you see in TV’s and Movies?
  • Humm, Is it?

I would say none of them make sense at all.

Is it enough to watching movies in theaters and on televisions and you think you have watched enough of them to be a director?

You need to have the precision of a surgeon, with exceptional intelligent, creativity, hardworking and patience.

Becoming a film Director, Such a great achievement indeed!!! “Magic Wonder”

But before you think of becoming a Film Director, Go through a simple questionnaire ….

  1. Are you Creative? If yes, How much?
  2. Are you Passionate about this work?
  3. Can you visualize your movie in your mind?
  4. Are you a good Observer?
  5. Are you Presentable?
  6. Do you watch movie.(From the point of view of a Film Director)
  7. Are you willing to put all your effort into this field?
  8. Will you appreciate even if the film is a flop?
  9. Are you ready to go out and research on peoples likes and dislike?
  10. Are you brave to take criticism?
  11. Do you have the fear of failing?
  12. Would you be able to handle a team and keep them motivated throughout?
  13. Are you able to identify the qualities of a person?

Be ready with all the answers. Are you?

Ask yourself, you can make a great career in this field and you are almost ready to say the ultimate word “ACTION”. The term “Film Director” creates a magic on the screen it is an effort and devotion of the film makers.

So if you think you have a Great script, best screenplay, Good dialogues, good backdrop, beautiful location, excellent art director, good artists, costumes, promotions & marking are all in place and you could just deliver a hit move, it may not be the case. It could very well turn the other way, it could be a super flop if the director does not know how to gel them together and mold them into a master piece.

Imagine you put all you hard work and you see your own baby on a big screen. How thrilled, happy and excited you would be. Correct ?

But remember you could learn the technicality of direction, but creativity comes from your heart and to play with that is called art which needs to be understood and maintained throughout. So, you have to make yourself creative enough to deal with all nitty-gritty of film direction.

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