Can you become an actor?

Yes, you can, only if you have the passion.

When most people think of actors they think of Hollywood or Bollywood actors who perform in blockbuster films, and this is often the ultimate aspiration of anyone dreaming of a career in acting.

The important question to ask yourself is why you want to become an actor?

  • Is it because you want to be famous?
  • Is it because you think you are more handsome or prettier than those actors who are famous today?
  • You get dreams of stardom?
  • Nobody ask for a Master’s degree?
  • You like to be chased by several paparazzi’s?
  • You want to be called a star?
  • You want to be rich?
  • Sign autographs?
  • Want handsome guys or pretty girls following you all the time?

I think it would make sense to me when this feel comes within, “I want to be an actor because I love to act”, I like to entertain people”. I feel joy in acts I do”. I feel no tiredness, I think I am made for this. I don’t care how I look or sound. I just love to act”. I feel I achieved success every time when my audience stands up and applause.

It is difficult to achieve a high level of success in the field of acting, if you link success with money, fame, stardom etc.. the majority of actors perform in smaller productions, often starting out in advertisements or as extras on television shows or films.

There are many actors who make a successful career out of so-called bit parts, and never have a featuring role. Others who achieve great success very early in their careers, become household names, and get many major roles. The majority of actors will have a career that is somewhere in-between these two limits.

Becoming an successful actor in film industry requires you to have thorough knowledge on how the industry work.

  • Understand the prerequisites
  • Identifying what type of actor/actress you are.
  • How to approach a casting director
  • How to identify fake auditions and casting directors
  • Knowing what are portfolios and why it is required.
  • How to stay away from fake production companies
  • Select the right acting school not only to groom yourself also to give you thorough knowledge about the industry.
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