What do you need, to become a film director?

We have heard a lot of times if you have a passion, interest and never give up attitude than impossible itself says I m possible. The person who can make something out of nothing with his own creative ideas, then that person is on a right track.

Directing a film is a difficult task and to sustain with positive feeling till the end is more difficult. This industry is very big and quite tough to enter nowadays. But it’s a choice to make it or to break it. If someone wants to become a film director one has to have a passion and patience both at a same time.

This is an inspiring vision and mission, one has to give 100% of all to make it a great career. Many people in this industry who are into this profession have either started their career as an assistant or as a writer. With all the experience and expertise required this person once called a assistant or a writer is now a “Film Director”.

If a person is keen to learn and improvise on the skills again and again, accepts the feedback in a positive way, open for changes, thinking about the creative ideas, visualizing the storyboard, dialogue, ability to control, coordinate, execute properly in a smooth way, so you can think about pursuing this as a career.

Everyone has its own approach towards presenting something, expressing something and the way to see something. Everyone has two eyes but not the same vision.

Proper guidance, the importance of every shot needs to be understood. One should enroll in a proper film direction school for enhancing the skills and understand the technicality of film direction and to elaborate one’s own views.

As no Job in this world is simple and easy, so learn and enjoy the work you love and experience every moment of it You think you have it in you, don’t be afraid to take the risk. So, Take a risk and go ahead with the decision. If you are like me who watches lots of TV commercials, then you may have heard the tagline of Pepsi add “Naam Bante Hai Risk Se “.isn’t this true?

So what are you waiting for? , Enjoy the Risk with a subtitle “Film Director”

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